Monday Chargen and Volunteering

For the past two weeks we haven’t had our traditional Thursday night 7th Sea game and so I have run two one-shots. Last week was a gangster yarn and this week is an odd Suburban Fairy Tale. Today we made characters, wrote our characters in crayon and watched the local kids play around the house as we made up characters on the porch.

The wind was throwing our character sheets around, it was lovely.

We’ll take the characters out for a spin this Thursday, should be fun.

After making up their grade-school sorcerers, I went to the Tompkins County Public Library, where I volunteer weekly. Usual stuff, sorting books out of the return bins, re-stocking the video shelves and seeing to my adopt-a-shelf space, where the graphic novels are kept. No Lone Wolf and Cub volume will be out of order on my watch, I tell you!

I spent most of my time among the children’s videos, which were a chaotic mess. After creating this elaborate grade-school fantasy, it was odd to be among the videos that are grade-school fantasies: Dark Crystal, Neverending Story, Black Beauty, the many adventures of Arthur and the dozens upon dozens of Pokemon tapes.

I didn’t touch Kline today but I’ll do a morning and evening double-dose tomorrow, along with some conditioning with Zorro at Sunset Park.

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