Old School D&D

The same core guys who I gamed with in Junior High still meet in the same house where we all gamed when we were 13 years old. Today I sat at that table and gamed with ’em, rolling polyhedral dice while playing pretend, cracking the same jokes, and wincing when Jay farts.

Nothing has changed. It is like a weekly museum dedicated to my teenage Saturday afternoons. It was a total blast. It was horrifying.

Pete still hits half a dozen or so dick jokes per game. Today the finest was:

“Holy shit, his dick has more than seven hit points? Don’t I at least take off the tip with that hit?”

One thought on “Old School D&D

  1. hm

    It must be interesting, indeed, to return to play with such a group! Wonderful yet horrifying sounds about right.

    I doubt it would be possible, but I’d love to collect up my high school group from our locations around the globe for a reunion game. Although I wonder how well some of us would get along nowadays. I don’t even know who most of them have become. Janet… whale surgeon Pacific island recluse. Elizabeth… writer and editor. Robert… plant guy. Lev… back in St. Petersburg, playing the role of physicist. That leaves five of our total roster who’ve escaped my collection of even that much knowledge, most of those last seen at our hs reunion in 95.

    People who seem capable of amusing themselves constantly with the likes of dick jokes puzzle me. Does such a schtick not get old for them?

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