Dogs in the Vineyard and other tidbits

Oddly, my favorite RPG find at Gen Con was the first game I demo’ed upon arriving at the Forge booth. Dogs in the Vineyard is a game in which the players are quasi-Mormon holy gunslingers in a west that never quite was. My first game, Eden’s Prophet, went really well and the Story Hour write-up is making me want to write Christian YA fiction.

Jeff, JJ and I are going to start a round-robin GM’s Gaming Group so that we can get our geek on.

I’ve got a job at an elemtnary school’s after-school program and just as I accepted there was a job that was entirely perfect for me in the paper. We’ll see how it goes.

Applications to grad. school should go out this week.

Elvis beckons.

Life is good.

Ithaca’s population just doubled.

Bring on autumn.

2 thoughts on “Dogs in the Vineyard and other tidbits

  1. hm

    Damned good that things are lining up properly at last! Congrats on the work situation changes, I look forward to hearing more of gaming glories (eep! on Ars Magica in hiatus, alas… I really should just fire up Wraith now, eh?), and we really do just need to get together and shoot the shit sometime soonish. Of course, there’s our Mu Tuesday. Anyhoo.

    As for the population explosion… bah. I find it a bit of a deterrant against driving into town for nonessentials. It will improve once the confused newbies learn their way around (and sink into their routines), but yeccch. I scry upon the hordes from my House of Doors, scheming dark, terrible, and improbable things……

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