Gaming Geek Postings

In which I provide links to the posts I make under the handle, Paka, in various gaming forums.

Practical Dungeon-keeping is my way of providing some kind of cultural back-story for dungeon-crawling.

New Gidea is the last town I ran in the fine game of Dogs in the Vineyard.

At some point I will run a Burning Wheel one-shot with Jeff and JJ. I’m inspired by the idea of the adventures of Legolas and Gimli when they were traipsing around Middle-Earth together. Kinda like Thelma and Louise but y’know…with an axe and a bow.

Paula and Robert and I will be finishing up our Dictionary of Mu mini-campaign we’ve been playing over the summer.

And in this last one people post really nice things about me. Garsh.

That’s what my geek mind is posting about now.

9 thoughts on “Gaming Geek Postings

  1. OK, so Brad Pitt-sex aside…

    The comparison to <>Thelma and Louise<> got me to thinking… why would Legolas and Gimli be on the run from the law?

    And then I remembered reading about how JRR had planned a sequel to LotR, set in a Gondor ruled by Aragorn’s less than heroic son. (He ended up scrapping the project because he thought it’d be too dark.)And then I realized that L&G would probably still be around…

    So, what about a swashbuckling game in which Legolas and Gimli quest throughout Middle-Earth to rescue Aragorn’s true heir from wherever the usurping (and kinda sleazy) second son has stashed him, a la <>Man in the Iron Mask<>? Can the two remaining Walkers prevent their friend’s legacy from being sullied, and save the kingdom he gave his life to from falling into a new corruption? Will they need to travel to the Shire to recruit a new generation of Hobbits who are too adventurous for their own good?

    Or am I just nuts?

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