Geek News

Jeff has begun a lovely Ithaca Gamer’s Forum from which I am staging the Get Your Geek On-a-thon also known as the G.Y.G.O.-a-thon 1. If all goes well I will run another one in January. Stay tuned.

Janaki played in her second game last night, a cool Harry Potter RPG homebrew made by Pete. It was fun. We all played Slytherin.

Janaki played an abandoned cleptomaniac werewolf orphan, Kurt played Meek the Disenchanted (need I describe his PC more?), Lily played the Hermione of House Slytherine, pining for Snape. I played Syndey Mason, whose father, a gargoyle-maker, forced him to play Quidditch, a game Sydney detests.

We broke into the Gryffindor House and trashed the joint and then put a wayward star cat but in its constellation. All in all a fun night of getting our geek on.

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