3 Book Quotes

There are three book quotes I’ve read in the past week that are rattling around in my head. I thought if I posted them here, it might help me sort them out.

“In those days there were oceans of light and cities in the skies and wild flying beasts of bronze. There were herds of crimson cattle that roared and were taller than castles. There were shrill, veridian things that haunted bleak rivers. It was a time of gods, manifesting themselves upon our world in all her aspects; a time of giants who walked on water; of mindless sprites and misshapen creatures who could be summoned by ill-considered thought but driven away only on pain of some fearful sacrifice; of magics, phantasms, unstable nature, impossible events, insane paradoxes, dreams come true, dreams gone awyry, of nightmares assuming reality.”

– Michael Moorcock, Corum: The Coming of Chaos

I hope that after writing that he stepped away from the keyboard and just felt good about himself for a while, just basked in the afterglow.

” The best single description I know of the world of fairy tale is that of Max Luthi who describes it as an abstract world, full of discrete, interchangeable people, objects and incidents, all of which are isolated and are nevertheless interconnected, in a kind of web or network of two-dimensional meaning. Everything in the tales appears to happen entirely by chance–and this has the strange effect of making it appear that nothing happens by chance, that everything is fated.”

A.S. Byatt, Introduction to The Annotated Brothers Grimm

And the last might be a nonsequiter but it is bouncing around with the other two, so its worth a mention.

“How do you know when you’re a superhero and not just a fetish person with a death wish?”

Grant Morrison, Seven Soldiers #0

Wizards Airbrushed on Vans…on a beach towel, t-shirt, notebook, shower curtain?


One thought on “3 Book Quotes

  1. I actually read Luthi (The European Folktale) for my Fairy Tales class this semester (along with Byatt and Tatar’s Annotated Grimm). It’s a really good, really interesting read. It would be difficult to make head or tail of, except he repeats himself so often that after a while you actually start to get it.

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