According to this thread, Britt Daniel, who signed in as Tetsujin28 on RPG.net and other forums died in a motorcycle accident. I never met him and only found out his real name after he was already dead.

We were drawn to similar threads, both being fans of Unknown Armies and later Burning Wheel.

I looked through my thread subscriptions, an odd way to gain recollections of someone. I found a thread, where he mentions his favorite forgotten fantasist, A. Merritt. I feel compelled to look that writer up now; the library where I work has a few of his books.

I’m bummed we never got to game together, never got to meet at a con and put name to handle to face.

Its not a crying, sobbing type of sadness, just a kind of numb ick, of an opportunity gone, an aquaintance that fate never allowed to become a friend.

Good-bye, Britt. I always looked forward to your posts on the internet forums where we posted, even your most curmudgeonly responses made me smile. The gaming world is a little poorer today.

10 thoughts on “Tetsujin28

  1. I found myself responding to one of his posts in a thread on Roleplaying Open today. I hadn’t really read who it was from, until I saw it in the quote box.

    It — was kind of surreal.


  2. Thank you for posting this, Judd. I haven’t really been reading RPGnet much lately, so I might have missed this.

    Man, this is horrible. I never met Britt, but we were like psychic twins: both into the same old comics, both into pulps, both using words like “Gosh!” and “Golly!” in everyday speech…he was funny and contentious and always really nice to me, and I always hoped I’d get to meet him in person some day.

    Rats. This is really sad.

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