Personal Gaming History

Inspired by Vincent’s most recent post to anyway.

I first played it was Marvel Super-Heroes with the neighbor; he went to Gen Con with me for the past two years, part of that posse pilgrimmage.

Then I played AD&D with the guys, the youngest, everyone else was at least two years older than me.

Then we played D&D second edition. I GMed at some point in here too.

I played some DC Heroes here too, mostly with a non-gaming friend who I ran on Indiana Jones adventures because he loved Indy so much. It was only a game or two before we parted ways.

Then I played GURPS, mostly because I wanted to game these odd ideas…playing toys in a kid’s house (Yeah, Joshua…seriously) and the albino minotaur in a fantasy wild west solo game with Jay all night in his parent’s kitchen, known between us as the White Bull Campaign.

But D&D second edition was always the go-to game.

Then came Ars Magica and Vampire first edition.

Then some Champions that summer when we gamed and worked and gamed.

I played Call of Cthulhu that one time.

Then was a long draught.

The year and a half long Ars Magica game that ended because of a break-up with a girlfriend, what a palaver that was, let me tell you.

Then I played Deadlands and Legend of the Five Rings.

EDIT: I forgot my LARPing, a bastard stepchild of NERO, some Vampire LARPing that used no rules I know of and then some interesting stuff years later after I got back from Tokyo with the Atlas folks, which was interesting.

This brings us to Unknown Armies on Wednesday nights and D&D 3.0 on Sunday afternoons.

Then Dust Devils, like a fucking bullet in the heart.

Then Riddle of Steel, octaNe, Sorcerer and then Robert’s severe and awesome hack at 7th Sea.

Man, now we’re into Dreamation and Dexcon, things get blurry because there are so many game so fast.

Dogs in the Vineyard and Burning Wheel at the home tables.

In (hot sauce) Nomine, Bulldogs!, Burning Wheel con games, Primetime Adventures, Primetime Adventures and PTA. With Great Power when Michael was struggling with it and then My Life with Master when Michael was gaining a rep for being THE Master. Some neat games out of the No Press Anthology…the 80’s monsters and the experiment game where I was the subject (Michael just wanted to have an excuse to fuck with me for a few hours…AGAIN). Mountain Witch with a bunch of Forge-guys before we became friends, Lacuna with Jared before the second attempt.

Andrew’s magic game, 1st Quest and finally Polaris with Ben and Jeff and Rob. Lots of Burning Wheel one-shots. Carry and such.

Lots of Dictionary of Mu Sorcerer, 1st Quest at home. Running 1st Quest is easy; writing 1st Quest is hard.

Now we’re doing mini-campaigns with the Sunday group…Cold City but we did some Don’t Rest Your Head and Lacuna Second Attempt, both games had legs.

Primetime Adventures for a whole season with the Friday posse, which is really showing PTA’s chops, having only used it for one-shots, I’m seeing strengths with it that weren’t apparent with its one-shots. Both the Friday and Sunday groups have Spirit of the Century characters ready to roll in case someone can’t make it to the regular game; I’m eager to give that a go.

Storn’s getting us prepped for Mutants & Masterminds, which looks like fun, with a fun premise. It was interesting to note that we were talking about the campaign and he mentioned our power levels 8-12 sessions in and we all jumped. We want this to be more 3-5 sessions long and he’s been running campaigns back at home that have gone on for years. This should be interesting.

And this damned hobby just keeps being more and more fun.

9 thoughts on “Personal Gaming History

  1. As is my penchant, to always take credit whenever it’s possible (and especially so on this issue), I am here to proudly proclaim I’m the bastard that got Judd into gaming.

    He got me into comics.

    He still games.

    I don’t read comics (though I hardly game anymore either).

    I win.

    • ?

      Who the fuck are you again?

      I remember you running me on a little scenario where I got to play Cloak and the Hobgoblin flew into my cloak while on his little air-sled thingie. Man, after that I was hooked.

      Cloak shows up in a series I’m reading now; neat to see the ole fella again.

    • Re: ?

      I really don’t understand why I liked Cloak & Dagger so much. Let me try and pull it apart:

      1) Dagger was hot and dressed sluttily but her whole persona had an overly “good girl” vibe.
      2) Cloak was all about blackness and darkness and that appealed to me.
      3) They were antiheroes or vigilantes.
      4) They dealt with street-level stuff, like drug abuse and the like (at least that’s my memory of it).
      5) The desireable girl/undesireable guy romantic tension.

    • Re: ?

      What, black guy lusting after white girl? Enh. According to Wikipedia, she had the ability to purge badness in people and she used it on him because he was hooked up to the “Darkforce Dimension.”

      I guess if you are looking for it, it’s there. I think it was more about the light/dark duality thing, but making the dark guy black introduced some troubling shit.

      I had forgotten he was a stutterer.

  2. As is my penchant, to always take credit whenever it’s possible (and especially so on this issue), I am here to proudly proclaim I’m the bastard that got Judd into gaming.

    He got me into comics.

    He still games.

    I don’t read comics (though I hardly game anymore either).

    I win.

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