Professor Jones Denied Tenure

I found Rab MacDougal’s blog, which is absolutely amazing. He refers to me as his friend, so I reckon I know him but I can’t put a face to digital words.

From Rob’s blog, I found this link: Indiana Jones is denied tenure. “Dr. Jones’s interpersonal skills and relationships are no better. By Dr. Jones’s own admission, he has repeatedly employed an underage Asian boy as a driver and “personal assistant” during his Far East travels. I will refrain from making any insinuations as to the nature of this relationship, but my intuition insists that it is not a healthy one, nor one to be encouraged.”

3 thoughts on “Professor Jones Denied Tenure

  1. is me, . So we are mutual “Friends” in the purely LiveJournal sense, even though we’ve never met. Plus I’m a devoted SoK listener so I feel like we’re friends even if it’s a purely unidirectional relationship.

    Glad you enjoyed my blog. I just today listened to the SoK episode where you’re talking about your new interest in pulp history (rock) and you say something about pulp being the primordial ooze where so much geek/gamer culture comes from (which is totally true in 1000 ways) and I thought “I should email those guys a link to my old post about Superman and alt.1920s culture.”

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