Blood & Ink

Inkjobs (inspired by Toonpunk)

The sidewalks are stained with blood and ink.

The out of work Anime girls work the corners, watched by their zoot-suited Wolf and Jackal pimps and black-and-white madames.

Saturday Morning Cartoons beg for change, looking for a score.

And the classics, the Big IP’s sip refined cel chemicals in their skyscraper fortresses, guarded by corporate goons, getting computer-generated touch-ups.

Humanity is basic human empathy.

Sorcerers are those who manipulate inkjobs for their own benefit.

Demons are inkjobs.

When Humanity = 0, if you are a human, you fall off of the face of the earth, a total fanboy, obsessed with inkjobs, toys to their will. If you are a toon, your original cel becomes damaged and you fade away, never seen again.

Yes, Sorcerers can be either humans or toons but demons are always toons.

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