Into the Ruins

You can have a ruin in your domain in Houses of the Blooded. Anthony was looking over the rules, knowing that a prominent ruin was written into the fabric of his character, who leads a secret society dedicated to sussing out the secrets of the ruin but just didn’t see the advantages right away.

Essentially, a ruin is a dungeon, something left behind by the Sorcerer-Kings, a dangerous remnant of a past age. Each time the players brave its depths, it goes up until it is solved, not going above three. Once the ruin is done, it can either be turned into a natural resource or can be turned into a Puzzle House.

What is a Puzzle House, you ask?

A Puzzle House is, essentially, a great place to have a party.

So yes, you adventure in a dungeon and then gather the nobles, once you’ve gotten to the heart of the place and put it to rest you gather your friends and you party your asses off there. And naturally, the party will be a place for duels and romances and drama and politicking.

Adventure breeds adventure breeding more adventure.

The adventure started with me saying three facts about the Ruins in Anthony’s domain and then they rolled to see what they knew, these things being new facts layered in. And the Sorcerer-Queen of Night’s ruin was born.

They failed their rolls so spectacularly along the bridge into the ruined city of the Sorcerer Kings they were brought to the Queen on their knees and fell bargains were made.

Anthony’s character promised her heads.

Mario’s character is to write her an opera and I think, according to the rules he technically started a romance with her. I think. Eek. That means when he sees her next he can ask something of her. Neat.

And once the Queen of the Night’s plotline is all wrapped up, once it is done the PC’s will gather their friends and their rivals and their family and will have a party, walking people around, showing them where they met the spectres of long dead ork and such.

“Ah, this is where the ork spectres surrounded us. Remember that, Baron.”

“I’m still trying to forget, old friend.”

If they live that long.

“This is where my father first faced the Queen of Night before her minions killed him.”

That was fun.

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