Orc Love.. I mean Hate…I mean rutting. Orc Rutting.

Favorite scene from last night’s game:

The game is about two brutal orcs, having returned to their homeland, The Broken Mountains, after having slayed a dragon and obtained a horde.

Jim’s character, He Who Slays for the Named, just Slayer for short and The Named’s Sister, a powerful Mistress of Eight in her own right have sex in the Spider’s camp.

Jim says something like, “I’m dominating her.”

Me: “Roll vs. Wills.”

Jim spends a DEEDS point, the Muthah of all Artha, the single most powerful resource point in the game, to win the conflict. I can no longer just fade to ceiling and say they did -it- and he dominated. He spend a freakin’ Deeds point.

Jim describes it in some detail, hair pulling, whose on top, biting, all that stuff.

And when he’s done I chime in:

“The Slayer knows that he has impregnated her and that their child will be great, ushering the orc to new heights of empire if only the child lives through the dangerous childhood of their kind.”

They’re already plotting against the Named and I honestly have no idea if Jim is just making shit up to use her or is actually considering going through with it this time. The Slayer, as always is a mystery.

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