Kid Pulp Heroes

I have a hankering to make up half a dozen or so kid pulp heroes.

Here are my first thoughts:

Sherlock Holmes II, son of the sleuth

Born from the dalliances of his father during one of the famous detective’s cocaine benders, raised by his uncles Mycroft and Watson, moved to the U.S. in order to gain distance from his father’s enemies, can he solve the case-files his father left behind?

Aspects: Father’s enemies plague me, A letter from Uncle Mycroft, Father’s Strengths and his Weaknesses, Terrible Violinist

Rosie Riveter, strongest kid in the world

Before she was the WWII icon, she was the strongest kid in the world, able to life a Model T clear over her head or punch a charging bull.

Aspects: “I’m the strongest!”, Inspiring, “I’m always ready to do my part.”, “You can do it!”

Buck Bradley, Boy Scout Supreme

The finest Boy Scout in the United States with every merit badge imaginable and the ear of the President of the United States.

Aspects: Always Prepared, The Real World Ain’t a Merit Badge, Order of the Arrow, Bowie Knife

Nancy Atom, girl scientist!

Haunted by Madame Curie, the ghost from the future, this little girl is as brilliant as she is dangerous, using her acute knowledge of anatomy and sociology to decimate her foes when the need arises.

Aspect: Haunted by a Ghost from the Future, Stand Back – I’m going to do SCIENCE!, Anatomy Lessons

Kid Shadow, two-gun teen

When he picked up his father’s mystical .45’s, Crane Junior found himself in the body of a grown-up vigilante with a kid’s sense of justice and revenge.

Aspect: Kids’ Sense of Right and Wrong, Villains Deserve Bullets, My Father will be Avenged

Son of Khan

The talking gorilla son of the dastardly villain, Gorilla Khan, he has come to the man’s world due to the love of an anthropologist but is love enough to thwart his father’s cruel upbringing?

Aspects: Stronger than any man!, Law of the Jungle, My Father’s Son, In Love with Anthropologist


I forgot one

Jonesy, Captain of the Newsboy Legion

The kid on the street, ears to the tracks, fingers smudged with newsprint, unearthing the stories just beneath the busy sidewalks and just above the impossibly high skyscrapers.

Aspects: Ear to the Streets, “WUXTREE! WUXTREE! Read ALL ABOUT IT!”, “Who doesn’t this kid know?”, Not afraid to skin knuckles for the story.

14 thoughts on “Kid Pulp Heroes

  1. <>Tom Swift: Mechanical Wunderkind!<>

    <>The future founder of Swift Enterprises, this resourceful young man is always building some new engineering marvel.<>

    Aspects: MacGuyver was a putz, American Know-How, Loves Nancy Atom, Severe Asperger Syndrome

  2. I feel like you need a good bookworm to round out this cast of two-fisted heroes…

    <>Arnold “The Worm” Wormwood<>

    He’s read everything, I mean EVERYTHING, so he always knows what’s going on. He’s kind of annoying, and he’s always tagging along and getting into trouble. But he’s 100% loyal to his friends and he’s a lot braver than he knows.

    Aspects: Bad allergies, Thick glasses, “Geez, you guys, you don’t know about this?”, “My friends won’t let me down!”, Knee-biter

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