For Rich’s DRYH Game

Whenever the Burning Wheel skype game goes south because of whatever reasons, Rich always talks about wanting to play DRYH.

Well, Rich, here’s my character:

My name is…Hollis Locke

And I am…a private detective and a drug addict

What has been keeping you awake?

The crystal meth my character takes ever since his wife left him and took the kids with her.

What just happened to you?

He got his first private detective case since he got kicked off the police force.

What’s on the surface?

A tough, drug addicted private dick who will go to any lengths to see his first job, a missing children’s case, finished and done.

What is lies beneath?

A conflicted bastard who did violence for his bosses and broke the law more times than he can count, not at all riddled with guilt but now that he’s out from behind the badge, he isn’t sure if he likes the cop/father/husband he was, as if that guy was an entirely different person, and hopes he’ll like the detective he is becoming.

What’s your Path?

He is becoming a detective who is not only a step outside the law but due to his wakefulness can also step outside the City Slumbering, able to cross into the Mad City when the case dictates and set both worlds right.

Talents of Exhaustion

He always was good at talking to people of all walks of life and getting them to say a bit more than they wanted to.

(at first I had him be good at violence but I like this guy as one of those private dicks who get’s the shit kicked out of him a whole lot)

Madness Talent

When he does a drug a fictional and legendary detective will appear to help him with his case.

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