Burning Skype: Hateful Orcs, Ten Years Later

Ten years went by quickly in the Broken Mountains. The trolls toiled, building roads and towers. Goblins patrolled riding both wolves and sometimes spiders. Grbek Pukk now wears a crown made in olden days from the broken blade of an elf and the Named became the Orc King. (Trait – Orc King: c/o when increasing the orc empire and +1 die when dominating and orc.)

The Slayer was Named, as per the ancient rite, for his valor and cunning on the Eight-Legged Isles, a long overdue honor. And so Warder Gurth stood where once stood The Slayer. (Trait – The Power Behind the Throne: +2 dice when representing a higher power & Biggest Bad-ass: c/o Sword)

A banner was planted from one end of the Broken Mountains to the other, a black banner with a red scar across it, denoting the new orc empire known as The Scar Across the World (Trait – Not Your Average Orcs: +1 die when defying how people expect an orc to act).

They became faster, smarter and more willful (ten years of training is a whole lotta training…holy shit). They learned of languages and cultures, healing and killing.

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Trait votes and training are really interesting parts of the game that I had only touched on a bit. I will have to write about that at some point once I’ve marinated on it for a while.

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