Houses of the Blooded: Mass Murder of orc

Orc in HotB = Anything that isn’t ven. Not to be confused with the hate-filled, Tolkien-inspired orc of the Burning Wheel game via skype. Orc is just another name for monster, more or less.

Last night we played Blooded with a few new characters in the mix. Storn led an army into the former County Seat and destroy the cloven-hoofed orc invaders, led by The Horned One. While the battle raged, Anthony’s young Baron and Jeff’s old former spymaster (with the former Count’s spymaster in tow) stealthed into the castle and freed the hostages the orcs had taken to insure the infrastructure of the domain would keep running through fear and threat.

The army was broken, the orc killed and all who were aiding the orc will be brought before the Senate. I forsee some taking of the black for them.

Fighting orc and the private armies they blackmailed into working for them wasn’t too difficult. Storn and company had them a touch outnumbered and smart use of Style Points and special powers gave him a solid edge. Mass Murder get’s really messy when there are a few different armies and you can’t be sure where they will stand from moment to moment in the battle and there are other ven with powers of their own.

It was good stuff, though. It was a fun night.

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