1st Quest Red Inked & The Monthly Comics Box

I got some decent work done on 1st Quest tonight, putting red ink all of what I’ve currently got and outline what I want done in the coming week. It felt good to sit down and do some work. Cracking the 3-ring binder open, with the 1st Quest manuscript printed out within was the hardest part. After that I was all, “Hey, I like this game.”

I had forgotten.

But now I can’t quite sleep, so I thought I’d review the latest comics I’ve read.

Once a month, Mayhem Comics sends me my pull list, a list that is constantly being fiddled with online.

This is my first month since culling a bunch of comics off of the list. Keeping track of comics here has helped remind me which comics are on probation and which have been routinely just lame.

Northlanders: Sven the Returned 5 and 6: This series continues to read like a Burning Wheel solo campaign GMed by Thor Olavsrud. I’m not sure I have any higher praise than that for a medieval fantasy/historical fiction comic.

Thor 7-9: I’m still digging the Asgard dropped into midwestern U.S. as a way to have both real world drama and Kirby-Asgard fun. We’ll see if Loki’s shenanigans are enough to keep me in this book. I consider this book on probation.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer 13 and 14: It is just a damned enjoyable good time. I like the decisions they’re making and the dialogue is spot on. The comic is capturing what I liked about the third through seventh seasons of the show.

Criminal #2: This series of one-shots is rocking, both illuminating back-story for previous arcs and creating fresh, new material. Brubaker and Phillips are engaging in some amazing crime/noir world-building that is consistently my favorite comic of the week.

Action Comics 863-865: With Geoff Johns on this comic and James Robinson on Superman, I am in an odd place where I’m buying and enjoying both Superman monthlies. Odd, because I’ve always considered myself more of a Batman fan. The Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes arc ended in a satisfying way and the next arc with Brainiac looks like fun.

Ultimate Spider-man 120: It feels like this series is getting back on point. In particular, this issue felt right in the past pages, where Peter and Mary Jane have a talk about their evening with the X-Men and Magneto while sounding like fun teenagers.

Thunderbolts 120: The only enjoyable thing about this series is Warren Ellis writing Normon Osborn, who takes up the mantle of the Green Goblin once again. In Ellis’ hands, Norman Osborn is one part George W. Bush, two parts Two-Face, played by Tommy Lee Jones. I’m not making that shit up, the artist is clearly drawing Tommy Lee Jones with the ole Osborn hair.

But even that isn’t enough for me to hold on to this comic. I’m dropping it.

Daredevil 106 and 107: It sure feels like I have been threatening to drop this comic for a while. The Mr. Fear arc was just a dud but this most recent arc is looking promising. I’m interested to see Matt get back to some court work. It sure still feels like this comic is on my pull list based on the greatness of Bendis’ run and Brubaker’s fantastic arc with Matt in jail with Kingpin, Bullseye and the Punisher.

A new writing team is coming on and I’ll give it till then but if this arc has a slow issue, I’ll likely ditch it.

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