Rapid Fire Gen Con Thoughts and Links Part I

I introduced Princess Solo in our Episode LV Star Wars Primetime Adventures game after mentioning to the guys that our cast needed a strong female character. After she tore through her scenes and connected to every character and his issues, I threatened her. I have never seen so many people reach for their Fan Mail so fast. You’d have thought they were reaching for bottles to break on a table in a bar-fight.

We got through two episodes and were hungry for more. It was amazing to see us all get better over the past year at the techniques (scene framing and PTA’s stakes setting) that make PTA hum. We got better at gaming.

Eero’s dry as the Sahara sense of humor: “I designed Zombie Cinema to replace all other games. They are now not necessary. This is the next evolution of RPG’s.”

Zombie Cinema might be my favorite buy of the con. It plays in 10-30 minutes and its just damned fun. Also, it is packaged in a VHS case.

The Spanish game designers who stopped by the Playcollective Booth. They made a post-apocalyptic Lovecraftian setting in which the Dreamlands have crashed into the Middle East (among other catastrophes).

I have this urge to take another week off and just GAME. I want to play these games I brought home and I want to play them something fierce.

I need a nice, light and fast game for Sunday Gen Con gaming. Every year I kind of drool my way through a Sunday game that we are all just too tired to play. See Zombie Cinema above.

There are not enough hours in the damned day.

I spent way-way too much money on food. Holy shit it was good eating. Holy shit, where did my money go?

JRS aka Julie gave me a great library school pep talk that might have very well been the most important thing to happen to me all weekend.

I must wrestle Luke Crane.

Storn, I have your comp copies of Messiah and Houses of the Blooded.

Yes, I bought dice. No, I didn’t need new dice, not at all.

Being back in the real world is strange. You notice little things at first, like how every tenth person isn’t dressed like Boba Fett but mostly just that people aren’t having as much fun.

48 thoughts on “Rapid Fire Gen Con Thoughts and Links Part I

  1. Recorders

    We did record it but I have no idea what the fate of those recordings were. But yes, at least two digital recorders were on the table and we played in a nice quiet room this year.

  2. Re: MLS issues

    I hear ya. I mostly just did what I could to get through it, enjoyed making friends with my fellow students, got the piece of papers, and ran off into Libraryland to do my own thing.

    If you ever want to bitch (or rave) about library school, you’re welcome to pop into the Library Society of the World chat room (http://www.meebo.com/room/librarysocietyoftheworld/). We’re all malcontents there. I can send you the password if you want.

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