Blood and Situation

Situation in Burning Wheel: “Situation is the foundation of any Burning Wheel game. It is on the situation that you build the player characters, their Beliefs and from there, the game play itself.

Our first session of the house-game of Houses of the Blooded: “We started the game and I assured my friends that I wasn’t going to use ven society to bludgeon them. “You aren’t giving the Earl a gift! You are SCREWED! I can’t believe you did that!” I want us to use ven society as a tool, not a weapon.

Blooded Houseruling Thoughts: “I’m on my second campaign and both Maneuvers and Blessings have been nearly overlooked in both games. Maneuvers, it seems to me, have no place in a system like Blooded, where narration is so up in the air.

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