Is there stuffing in that there turkey?

I realize that this is going to be my first biggish family-oriented Thanksgiving since I was diagnosed with Celiac’s disease. Family gatherings, well, all social gatherings, really, are based around food.

And it will be me eating around people’s best intentions and having to not explain that the stuffing will make me poop for a week or so and yes, I miss it and no, I really cannot cheat and no, it isn’t really an allergy. I am sick of talking about it, sick of explaining my stomach’s quirks to total strangers.

But my loved ones are supporting themselves and can afford good food and can eat that food in a nice place. I am going to have my mom’s delicious eggplant parmesan and a root beer float for desert. I will be surrounded by some of my favorite people on the planet.

I’m stopping my kvetching long enough to be thankful.

6 thoughts on “Is there stuffing in that there turkey?

  1. Heya, just curious:

    What can you eat on thanksgiving, and what can you not eat?

    What are you thankful for that you can still eat?

    (just curious, I know little about the disease. Is this this same thing that Sny-darr has as well?)

    Also, have an awesome time with family, that’s what it’s all about.


  2. We’re still waiting to hear if my wife has Celiac Disease. We’re thinking not, since she’s been doing fine in bread and pasta lately, so we may have gotten off lightly with just the IBS.

    But yes, it is good to be thankful for things.

  3. My wife’s father, two sisters and her brother all have Celiac’s. My wife, her mother and her other sister got off.

    If you want I can get some of my mother-in-laws recipes for gluten free dishes like stuffing, “bread”, and all the like.

    Btw, be careful with the butter, and see if you can secure a gluten free bit – once someone uses a knife to touch gluten and then touches it to the butter, you’re screwed. @_@ I got to learn all these fun little tips when I started dating my wife.

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