The Holiday Weekend

I drove through the night to get to Jersey and ended up driving through the night to get back. The freezing rain that promised turned out to just be cold rain and so I got through the Poconos once again without those mountains getting me in their clutches.

The holidays were really splendid, a nice blend of family and friends and food. It was my first family gathering on Thanksgiving that I have attended since the Celiac diagnosis, having just done little friends gatherings in Ithaca with Janaki, my mom and my mom’s awesome GF eggplant parm.. Bums me out a bit that I have been avoiding food gatherings like that but I have.

Now I am just trying to stay awake long enough to get to yoga and after that, drop off the recycling at the dump. Once I get those things done, I can crash until work tonight, a shift I had to pick up in order to get this past Saturday off.

Can’t wait to sleep in my own bed.

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