Campaign Seeds

I love coming up with little campaign seeds. It might be my favorite forum activity other than accessing information and benefiting from others’ wisdom.

There is a Story Games Thread.

Here are mine so far…

Some D&D stuff:

Githyanki Silver Swords – Red Dragon Riders scout over prime material worlds and get into adventures, seeing worlds as extended dungeons filled with treasure.

Siege to Hell – A tight posse of paladins and priests gather their holy symbols and weapons in order to destroy hell once and for all, a 1-30 D&d 4e campaign.

Darkpages? With Great Power…? Capes?:

Punch the World – Iconic high powered super heroes punch newspaper headlines, making a better today.

And this one’s obvious:

The Last Watchdog Over the Faithful – A solo campaign in a wild west that never was and has moved on, starting off in a ghost-town called Bridal Falls, winding through what is left of the Desert Territory and ending Back East.

Man, I really want to run this last one. I dig on that a whole lot. The Last Dog…

13 thoughts on “Campaign Seeds

  1. I’d take the Last Watchdog, and turn up the supernatural dial to the point where you’re having relationships with both the few remaining Faithful, flashback relationships with the dead (“My father once said…”) and maybe a few relationships that we don’t know if they’re ghosts or hallucinations (sorta like the chef in Ratatouille).

    Maybe half the sins aren’t active- it’s about how do you let go of grudges and pains from sins that can never be undone?

  2. Razing Hell

    It is an arc, from levels 1-30, man.

    First they destroy all of the gates to hell in their world, then secure a plan, then get to hell, then raise some hell, kill a demon or two, etc.

    C’mon, man.

  3. Re: Razing Hell

    I understand that it’s an arch, I’ve just been pondering what a good challenge for 1st-level characters is. I think it’s a great arc idea, but I don’t know that I’d seriously kick it off until 5th level.

  4. Re: Razing Hell

    4e makes figuring out good challenges pretty easy, so it doesn’t concern me too much.

    I’d want to kick off the campaign with the premise right off at first level, just so everyone makes characters tailor made to the task and so the players are bought in to the concept from day one.

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