D&D Map Geekery

I started tinkering with a map for the D&D campaign soon to kick off with Jeff and Storn.

Unnamed Town: the dot on the map where the players are from; I wanted some help naming it, so we’ll name it together. Though I am tempted to name it Homlett and be done with it.

Crown Mountains: mountain range to the east of the unnamed town that contains Tiamat’s Crown, a ring of five volcanoes. Here be dragons…

This is also very likely where the players will begin in media res with the players in the middle of a kobold dungeon where some local kids have gotten lost in a bid to become great heroes.

Punjar, the wicked city or the holy city, depending on who you talk to: No, I didn’t make it up. It is the city where the first module I bought for our first level adventure is based. Thank you, Thor for showing me this Goodman Games gem.

I will cleverly manipulate my players into going to Punjar by both kicking their puppies until they go there or by showing them this post…or both.

Dragon’s Anvil: The desert north of Punjar.

Everspring Forest: An elven forest, ruled by Storn’s character’s father, the elven baron, to the north of the unnamed town.

Feygate Lake: a big lake north of the Everspring Forest, quite handy for those higher level adventures when the PC’s want to go off-plane.

Unkindness, city of whispering tombs: home of the high cathedral to the Raven Queen, ruled by a council of high priests.

Altar Hills: hills to the north of Unkindness, recently infested with Gnolls who have taken to bloody and aggressive sacrifice to their hungry demon god lately.

The Untamed Coast: the big white spot on the map that seemed like it needed some detail, so rather than give detail, I gave a reason for a vague-ass map and a further reason to possibly adventure there.

The Bahamut Spears: I picture tremendous spears of earth, like where Aang fought the Firelord in the last episodes of the Last Airbender.

Dragonborn Ruins, the 5 great Dragon-Keeps: the great keeps made at the height of the Dragonborn Empire, now broken and homes to all manner of monsters.

Tiefling Ruins, the 13 Witchtowers: created by demons for the coven of witches and warlocks who ruled the Tiefling Empire before their war with the Dragonborn tore their two societies apart.

Keep on the Borderlands: the northernmost dot on the map, a nod to old school, an excuse to take out a classic module and 4e-ify it at some point.

6 thoughts on “D&D Map Geekery

  1. Creative communication exercise: Give this list of descriptions to Storn and Jeff. Separately, all three of you create the campaign setting map based on the descriptions above. Compare the results.

    Extra credit: post all three online.

  2. Judd, I quite like. I guess I saw the Un-named Town very much just an Inn and few farms. Smaller than Village of Hommlet. But if you want it to be more substantial… a fantasy equivalent of Trumansburg, then that’s cool too.

    But if it is just a crossroad and an Inn, I was thinking it could be called; “Four Corners”.

    Btw, LOVE, Love, rescue the kids in media-res opening that you stated somewhere.

    • 4 Corners

      I love that it isn’t even a town, just an inn and a few farms.

      Four Corners works for me.

      I think I could set up a short and punchy skill challenge that would get us into the dungeon, into the thick of it and not bog down hours and hours chasing fucking kobolds.

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