7 Kings Mountains Pictograms

I had a write-up of the 7 Kings Mountains floating around and thought it would be a good fit for Fight On! magazine. So, I wrote it up and peeked at past issues of the magazine, noticing that Vincent had been contributing art and articles.

I asked him to draw up some pictures for the 7 Kings Mountains piece and he did. I liked Vincent’s pictures for this because it has that feel of something cool you would see in an old school D&D module.

Here’s one, maybe it isn’t my favorite. Maybe it is. I can’t decide yet.

Pictogram #2 depicts the marriage of Roselle Benvik and Benvki the Griffon-slayer being married by Ostergard the Wise in the days before the war. You can see the pictogram of the dragon sleeping beneath the proceedings.

EDIT: But Judd, it is a pictogram, what does this picture mean?

I don’t know; I don’t read Dwarven pictograms.


12 thoughts on “7 Kings Mountains Pictograms

  1. That’s a pretty cool illo. What’s the synopsis of 7 Kings Mountains?

    I’ve been downloading all the free old-school games I can recently, and I really like Swords & Wizardry. Unfortunately, my budget has kept me from getting anything that requires $$$, so I haven’t had a chance to check out Fight On! yet.

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