Lady Blackbird

Yeah, we played and I posted.

Probably the most important part:

The second refresh scene was how every person involved met Uriah Flint, which was really solid. Jeff was playing Lady Blackbird and I started to frame a scene of how Uriah first seduced the 16 year old lady but that was pretty flat (unless watching me RP a pirate trying to seduce Jeff is sexy to you) but the scene that was interesting was Uriah convincing the girl that he should ransom her back to her father and that he’d come back to get her.

I had to make a private decision about Uriah and honestly, though the game was fun, I made the wrong one. I made the decision that he was a mercenary bastard who didn’t care about her. That was a dull decision and it made the end of the game rather flat.

I’d rather he was a mercenary bastard who really did love her but didn’t think the pirate life would be good for her and more importantly that he didn’t feel he was good enough for her. But here she is, having made it to the remnants on her own steam and coin, right in his face, proving him wrong. Now what?

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