Daydreaming at Night

This week’s gaming was all thrown for a loop when my work went night-shift due to a co-worker’s family emergency. I’m working a late night again, school-work’s done and just kind of musing about the games, thinking about what is to come.

In the 13 Cities, Storn’s character has taken control of Baal since the Sorcerer-King declared martial law. Next game should be about him trying out his newly learned Strategy skill as winter breaks and the army of Baal and the surrounding Lake Country knights bring their arms against the hordes from the steppe.

In MoBu City Rifkin is just getting his feet under him. There’s only one of his old crew he hasn’t met with yet, the old goblin lockpick who surprised everyone and went back to work for his dad after things fell apart. He’s got work to do to earn some coin, spying on a wizard who has a taste for expensive prostitutes and he has some word on who sent him to the gaol.

We meet at awesome places. Storn and I will meet up in a tense city built under the boughs of a tree-god. Pete and I will meet this Friday night in a filthy city whose rivers turn red with the blood of a demi-god who is chained under the water somewhere up-stream.

It isn’t gaming and could not ever replace the act of getting together with friends and making shit up but when things get lean and some games get missed, I like that ability to just kind of daydream, drift away to the fictional meeting place where I’ll meet up with friends soon.

Where are you daydreaming lately?

11 thoughts on “Daydreaming at Night

  1. I keep daydreaming about a setting that mashes up the world of the Gentlemen Bastards with some elements of the settings in Eberron, Iron Kingdoms, and 7th Sea. Swashbuckling tricorn-hatted clockpunk noir with a little steam an a whole lot of alchemy. It won’t go away.

      • Maybe I oughta re-phrase: I’m daydreaming about a setting that is 90% evocative of the world of the Gentlemen Bastards with just a dusting of appropriate elements from the other sources. “Mashup” was the wrong word to use.

      • I’m sorry, Mick. I wasn’t meaning to come off like a shmuck.

        I just meant, rather than blending those things together, mayhaps there is a way to convey that, showing rather than telling but damned if I know how.

      • I didn’t take your comment as shmuckish, so no worries. You’re right, really… if I’m going to actually take my daydream to the next level and do something with it, it’ll need more clarity than “it’s like this plus this plus that with a little of that and a lot of that other thing.”

        On the other hand, right now since the idea is this proto-universe in my mind, still dominated by chaos with snippets of solidity only beginning to form, my original description is a pretty accurate image of how it feels in my head at this point. Hee Hee.

  2. I really love airports, and a strange intersection of reading about the Traveller’s Aid Society from Traveller and watching the movie “Into the Wild” has me daydreaming a lot about spaceports lately.

    Sometimes it’s a big ultramodern ground facility where they shuttle you out to the ship on an electric groundcar, sometimes it’s a burned out area in the middle of the jungle, or a sea platform on some ocean world. Sometimes it’s an orbital station where you can see ships docking and departing out the lounge window.

    I always feel uncomfortable in the fancy lounges. My TAS membership gives me a free High Passage every month, but it doesn’t pay for anything else. My jumpsuit is worn out, my boots have had the soles changed three times this year, and my leather backpack looks like I stole it out of a museum. The nobles and businessmen always give me odd looks, but I pay them no mind – too busy sipping my free drink (another perk of High Passage lounges) and waiting for my ship to come in.

    Every world I visit has something to see or do – alien ruins, strange festivals, stranger food. The last planet I was on was rebuilding from a “Bad War”. I rode a steam train (!) out to one of the reclamation sites, and did a stint as a volunteer setting up housing domes for refugees. It didn’t pay as much as the fry cook job I pulled on the planet before that, but it was a lot more rewarding.

    Of course there’s more money to be made doing mercenary work, or signing on with a ship, but it’s just not my way. I’ve got to live free for a while longer.

    As usual they asked me to stay and help with the next detail and, as usual, I turned them down. There are just too many worlds to see before I settle down, and my next ship is coming in…

      • I think that’s the second one I read. There’s a larger historical arc behind the books, but by and large you can enter from anywhere without getting too confused.

        I’m really fond of ‘Consider Phlebas’, which I believe is the first one. Worth checking out if you keep going.

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