Tunnels &Trolls links – for my own thread storage

Here are some threads I’ve tracked down, mostly Ron Edwards’ Tunnels and Trolls Actual Play so far but I’ll poke around hither and yon. I’m storing them here for my own perusal and sharing, as this review prompted me to pick up the T&T boxed set from Amazon.

If anyone has any other pertinent T&T links, please do post them to the comments section.
[Tunnels & Trolls] Killed me a player-character (spit)

We played Tunnels & Trolls, fulfilling a (h’mm, umm) 24-year-old dream of mine. Yup, I bought the Fifth Edition in 1979 and read it to pieces; I even still find my notes from back then stuffed into the book. It took a little hunting, but I even found my old mapping paper.

Tunnels & Trolls] Second level characters

I thus came to realize that good long-term dungeon play is dynamic for the GM from session to session; it’s not like setting up a tournament module in which once you’ve been in room 22, there ain’t no reason for GM or player ever to return to it.

[Tunnels & Trolls] Half-elves are poncy nancy-boys

I’ve taken a fairly classic approach to the dungeon in that (a) someone built it, (b) stuff has happened since then, and (c) some degree of “dungeon management” is going on. Without getting too involved in the back-story (or physics or economics), I have at least some justification in my mind for every level and every room. So why there are “easy things” on the first level and “meaner things” on the lower ones is … well, it’s justified, if not entirely logical or nailed-down.

[Tunnels & Trolls] Gamism ain’t for the faint of heart

They’re finally getting it straight that there are two major NPCs more-or-less vying for divine status (one’s an ancient necromancer and one’s a kind of snake-woman sort), and control over the dungeon is the deciding factor.

What I Mean When I say Dungeonrawl (this blog, Playing D&D with Porn Stars, is probably NSFW.)

I tend to think of a dungeon as somehow metaphorically like the inside of your brain. Running a party through a dungeon is kind of like running them through the DM’s head. If there’s a shard of black glass in someone’s pack is that automatically a clue or is it possibly just for atmosphere? Can the traps be turned against the monsters in the dungeon? Can the monsters be turned against each other? Is there a “right way” and a “wrong way” or are there many right ways? Depends on what’s in the DM’s head.

Interview with Liz Danforth Part I

I’m conducting some academic research, a byproduct of getting my masters degree, looking at what are called the 21st Century learning skills acquired in WoW that may transfer to real life. The core data isn’t coming together as strongly as I expected — it is excellent but not emphatic — but the anecdotal stories accompanying the survey put me in awe, frankly. People are getting a very great deal more out of the game than mindless entertainment, that’s for darn sure.

Interview with Liz Danforth Part II

Twenty, twenty-five years ago, libraries and schools met gamers at the gates with pitchforks and torches. D&D was castigated as the devil’s work, Magic cards made kids into thieves and muggers, and the nascent video games were destroying children’s minds and morals — if you believed all the bad press.

Flash forward to the present, and the gamer generation grew up to become good citizens, attentive parents, desirable employees and respected entrepreneurs.”

A Visit to Trollhalla: An Interview with Ken St. Andre

I don’t know about “better.” When I created T&T, I just wanted this kind of game that I could play with my friends. None of us owned D&D or had any idea of where to get it. None of us had the miniatures, the multi-sided dice — heck, we had never even seen dice that didn’t have 6 sides.

[Tunnels & Trolls] Ellurian Skywatcher, Minotaur Diplomat

“With 18 Int (after adjusting for being a Minotaur), Ellurian starts with 6 additional languages that he knows beyond Khaz’ni (the common tongue). I’ll have to dig through the book and figure out which to pick. This is looking good for our bull-headed diplomat. He’s also going to need a weapon, something that can look imposing on his 7′5″ frame, but also look somewhat ornamental (so not an axe or polearm) so I go looking into swords and settle on a broadsword because his low Dexterity doesn’t allow him a lot of choice, but then am scared off by the pricetag, finally having to settle on a sledge hammer… not the most “diplomatic” of tools.”

Random Dungeon Generator

Could be handy.

Thread on Dragonsfoot

“The Mythical Sixth Edition is wonderful. To be brutally honest I think it’s the far superior version of T&T. To me, it’s an almost perfect mix of 5th and 7th (which really means it’s a heavily pre-houseruled 5th). I love it! Outlaw Press puts out a lot of great stuff!

Trollbridge, T&T forum

Welcome, fellow Trolls. This message board is designed to allow free discussion of all things Tunnels & Trolls.

T&T is a fantasy RPG written by Ken St. Andre.. It is the second oldest RPG ever, being designed in 1975. It is designed to be a simple and flexible game, and allows for a GM to customize his or her own world with ease.”

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