Game of Thrones casting pic and the Chivalry Disconnect

Gaze upon the faces:


Looks splendid.

This is a good time for a gaming story.

Midway through an old D&D 3.0 campaign, just before Fellowship of the Ring came out, I was hip deep in Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire and it was rocking my head. The players, in a sans-alignment D&D setting, were forging a pact with the Drow whose cities were underneath their forest home. They hired a Drow assassin to go take care of an agent who was giving them intense trouble. The disconnect began as they escorted their newly paid for assassin to the border of the Golden Empire and the Jade Forest.

They ran across a paladin, from the holy city-state of Ulula, ruled by paladins and priests who rode giant owls and hunted all manner of evil creatures in the night for their owl god. The Paladin was not thrilled with this drow alliance and assumed that the Drow had the players under some sort of underdark enchantment or mind control.

He waited until the players were asleep and jumped the party.

The players went ballistic. Keep in mind, I am reading A Game of Thrones and they were not. So, my ideas about chivalry were entirely taken apart. I saw knights as killers with blade and harness and holy knights as killers who were also zealots. I remember one of my players saying, “A knight would never behave in this manner!”

The point here, isn’t how knights really behaved or whether or not it is historically accurate that a holy warrior who rides a giant owl while worshiping an owl totem and fighting monsters in the night would really do any such thing. The point is that there was a disconnect and the players were feeling shitty about how it went down. It could be because the Paladin rolled really well and kicked seven kinds of shit out of the surprised party.

In the end, they challenged the knight to a duel and the half-orc fighter killed him, thus deciding the matter, both legally and in the eyes of holy Ulula. But there was a while, before they realized that they could seek some sort of legal action, where the frustration was intense. I wonder if that just made the victory all the more sweet.

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