The clocktower tolled 12 times and it was Friday

Reading: I am still making my way through Diaspora. I hope to set up a blog post where me and a few buddies make up a cluster in public.

Inspired by the hard sci-fi RPG, I’m reading my first novel in the Culture series by Ian M. Banks, Use of Weapons. It is splendid, really neat stuff.

Planning: Off to see the ladyfriend this weekend, barring flat tires and catastrophe.

Wearing: Button down short sleeves and jeans.

Writing: Banged on a paper that should have taken me a few hours and just ended up taking a whole lot longer. Some day I’ll start writing early.

And you?

14 thoughts on “The clocktower tolled 12 times and it was Friday

  1. Reading: ‘Pickets and Dead Men, Seasons on Rainier’ by Bree Loewen. Basically the author recollecting her experiences as one of the few female Climbing Rangers on the mountain.

    While I keep my own outdoor activities to short hikes for geocaching, I find I really like reading about mountain climbing and all things associated with it. Huh.

    Planning: Ghost/Echo via Skype tonight. Season Finale of Sanduski’s Rock (PTA) on Sunday, after which we’ll be statting up our cluster for the upcoming Diaspora game and batting around campaign ideas.

    Wearing: Office casual/travel casual microfiber stuff, as usual.

    Creating: Finished my first cord-bound book last week and mailed off to a friend. Sketching every day, despite being creatively frustrated. May do some mixed-media stuff this weekend to get inspired.

    • Y’know, something about playing a sci-fi game over skype just appeals to me. Something about using technology to make up worlds about technology.


      • Definitely a lot of tech involved, as we’re using Etherpad and an online dice roller as well. Even using webcams it’s not *quite* tabletop, but it’s close.

  2. Reading: Jasper Dash and the Flame-Pits of Delaware by M.T. Anderson

    Planning: Going to see The Damage Done and Danger Death Ray at The Morgue tonight!

    Wearing: Green cargo pants, my The Riot Before bear-holding-a-shark t-shirt, new brown earth shoes.

    Creating: Finishing up the last few touches on the first episode of my podcast.

  3. Reading: Monster Manual II

    Planning: Making notes for my D&D campaign, somewhat inspired by your MoBu City stuff

    Wearing: blue short-sleeve shirt and black dress pants

    Editing: Editing the first playtest draft of Jason Roberts’ newest game. You play a member of an interstellar peacekeeping force, armed with cosmic might, sent on dangerous missions. You must choose between serving your superiors, your homeworld, or yourself.

    • Nice, let me know how your MoBu City turns out.

      Roberts’ game sounds like a fun Green Lantern riff. What else has he designed?

  4. Reading: Northanger Abbey. Working my way through a couple gothic novels.

    Will also read the final three 100 Bullets trades in a go this weekend. I adore the art but lost track of the plot a while back or I would have gotten to this earlier.

    Planning: Mike Birbiglia tomorrow night! Then the same as Colin on Sunday.

    Wearing: What’s this all about? An East German army shirt and jeans in any case.

    Writing/Creating: 3 paragon-level encounters for 4E, all with a Greek mythology theme: Chimeras, Harpies + a Cyclops, and Medusas + Snaketongue’d Cultists.

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