The 13 Cities, Book 1.

Why write all of this shit down?

Part of it is sharing my experiences with certain techniques and systems – talking about what is working and more importantly not working for me and my friends at the table. The more selfish reason is just to have these threads as a way of remembering. Now that I have a body of AP’s built up, it is satisfying to look back on the various blog tags (ap04, ap05, ap06, ap07, ap08, ap09) and read about old games, like a tabletop gaming yearbook, a way to remember good times with friends.

Also, seeing the names of the different threads, the titles each night of gaming grew into, really makes me giddy, just seeing an outline of how it all came together is immensely satisfying.


Part I: The Horselord Prince

Part II: The Summoner of Gaham

End of Book 1.

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