Woke up and I was late for Friday

My body was going to give me a square 8 hours sleep no matter what last night.  This meant that I had to do some running around and did not get any morning errands done and I dropped my Blackberry under a parked bus (but all’s well with it).

Reading: I am less than a hundred pages until the end of my first Ian M. Banks Culture novel, Use of Weapons and it is splendid but I just want to carve out enough time to sit down and finish it in one go.   I am finishing up Diaspora and then, after that, Tunnels & Trolls will be my next game-related reading.

Planning: Some Halloween gaming (mayhaps some Shotgun Diaries) and writing a short paper while hanging out with the special ladyfriend.

Wearing: Jeans a v-neck gray t-shirt.

Writing: This week, nothing got done.

And you?

12 thoughts on “Woke up and I was late for Friday

  1. I remember Use of Weapons to be good, but harder for me to get through than Consider Phlebas. I think it was the alternating narrative streams that got me. I’ll have to go back and give it another try sometime soon.

    Reading: Diaspora. I realized this is the first bound and printed game text that I’ve bought and read in more than 2 years. Til now I’ve mostly been playing indie games I accumulated in the first couple years after finding the Forge, or mini-games off the web like Ghost/Echo.

    I’m really excited and inspired by what I’m reading. Great example characters and clusters, and great color text – the SRD shows you the nuts and bolts, but the actual book really shows what you can do with it.

    Can’t wait til my group gets our campaign off the ground!

    Planning: Ghost/Echo via Skype tonight. Halloween stuff with family over the weekend.

    Wearing: Same as every Friday.

    Creating: Little drawings every day. Waiting for my shipment of supplies for Christmas projects to come in. Did the initial stages of what might be a Diaspora-related craft project.

    • I really like the color text in Diaspora too, especially the really short, paragraph-long punchy stuff.

      You starting a campaign of it too?

  2. Reading: Just finished Sagan Diaries on the bus this morning, and am a bit sad that I’ve now run out of books to read in Scalzi’s “Old Man” setting. Not sure what’s next on the reading list outside of some comic trades I got out of the library the other night.

    Planning: A trip down to Binghamton for a friend’s bachelor party tonight, and the finishing touches on a Doc Gnosis costume for tomorrow. Other than that, enjoying the fact that next week requires much less planning than this one did.

    Wearing: Jeans and the black polo shirt which is the only polo shirt I own, and which I love despite itself.

    Writing: Nothing written yet, but I’m half-planning a Doc Gnosis tale set on Venus.

  3. Use of Weapons. When the drone gets him that gift, yeah.

    I think I’ve read all the culture novels. Reading The Algebraist right now, and enjoying muchly.

    Planning? All day rehearsal tomorrow for choir, is about all. And work stuff making me miss gaming tonight.

  4. Y’know, I loved Use of Weapons and Player of Games, but wasn’t able to get through Consider Phlebas, though I’ve tried at least twice. I think I just took an instant dislike to the main character in that one, to the point that it killed the book for me.

  5. The ending of Use of Weapons still creeps me out, years later. Mr. Banks has an… unpleasant imagination. Hell of a book.

    Reading: River of Gods, by Ian McDonald. Just starting, but it’s great so far.

    Planning: Bactoberfest! So, drinking with a bunch of other microbiology nerds in half-hearted costumes.

    Wearing: Thriller dance outfit; third zombie from the left, back row. (Thank goodness. It wasn’t my idea, but Alex really wants us to win the costume contest.)

    Writing: Dissertation chapters!

  6. I’ve got Use of Weapons on order. I already ordered it once, oddly. Now Amazon is telling me that it will come between November 5th and November 23rd. Which is the same estimate as The Dispossessed.

    Reading: Not of Woman Born, a collection of short SF about sex and reproduction. It’s good stuff!

    Planning: I live in the moment. I am here now.

    Wearing: Biking tights and a T shirt with a Buddhist demon on it saying, “EXAMINE YOURSELF CRITICALLY!”

    Writing: Lifeless, AKA Life During Wartime, an RPG with Rob Bohl. Also writing Xenon: Fantastic Science Fiction and a secret thing.

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