Got an early start this Friday

Reading: The Player of Games came across the desk at the library and I threw down everything to pick it up.  It has grabbed me.

Planning: Tonight is game night, first session of Diaspora and Saturday’s UFC and some hard cider at Jeff’s place.  After that, I’ll be getting the house clean for Thanksgiving.

Wearing: Comfy button-down and jeans.

Writing: I have a file on my google docs called Write a Little Every Day and I’ve been hitting the stories there every day.

And you?

6 thoughts on “Got an early start this Friday

  1. Reading: Nothing in particular. Nothing has grabbed me lately, so I’m just skimming Europe travel guides and some art books.
    Planning: Home and family stuff tonight and Saturday. Watching TV and working on Christmas presents. Sketchcrawl on Sunday.
    Wearing: See last Friday
    Creating: In the third week of “Art Every Day Month” now. It has been pretty uneven, with some days where I’m just really tired and/or creatively frustrated, but I haven’t missed a day yet. Mostly drawing, with some bookbinding projects on the side.

  2. Reading: Rereading “The Warrior’s Apprentice”. Diaspora put me in the mood for some Vorkosigan, and I’m finding it just as enjoyable (and more thought-provoking) than I did the first time around.

    Planning: A trip to Binghamton tomorrow for a friend’s wedding. A to-do list for my days off next week. A trip to Binghamton and New Paltz for Turkey Day.

    Wearing: Jeans and a nice sweater which conceals my Great Outdoor Fight t-shirt from colleagues, employees, and patrons.

    Creating: Not as much as I should be.

  3. R: Finished up Asimov’s Foundation Trilogy on audio book. Currently listening to Confederacy of Dunces. Also started Princess of Mars on the iTouch and still poking through that Brent Weeks Assassin book (number 2).

    P: Spending as much time with the family as soon as I meet a deadline.

    W: Brown jeans, plaid shoes, Nixon shirt (watch brand, not the former president), plaid shirt.

    C: Just little notes for possible expansion later. “Time embassies” (United States 1902 shows up in 2010 to revive expired copyrights) and “living starship” (with a human pilot as lover) are the two most recent.

  4. Reading: Just finished Murakami’s “Blind Willow, Silent Woman”. I need to go to the library tomorrow.

    Planning: A good night’s sleep.

    Wearing: Most importantly, a green wool cardigan with leather elbow patches.

    Writing: Fellowship applications, and maybe some dissertation. You know, fun stuff.

  5. Reading: Just finished The Graveyard Isle, a Kindaichi mystery manga. I’ve read enough into Kage Baker’s The House of the Stag to be well and truly into it. This is set in the same world as Anvil of the World, which I loved. It’s got the trappings of fantasy that I like, the modern deconstructive edge that seems almost required, and the fine balance between the two so that I’m not rolling my eyes and deciding that I don’t want to read about muck and grime. But, she does a lot of comedy-of-manners, and I’m a real sucker for that.

    Planning: SWFA party, Thanksgiving dinner at lunch.

    Wearing: Pagan Publishing T-Shirt, blue jeans

    Writing: Blog entries, pbem moves

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