Talked to Rich About Burning Wheel and then it was Friday

I just talked with Rich for 40 minutes about Burning Wheel.  Canon Puncture has a new segment called Game Advocates.  It was nice to just talk about the game I have played most in the past four or five years and probably my favorite game just on its own for a while, not in the context of any other kind of gaming thoughts.

Reading: I am still reading A Player of Games, though it was taking a while amidst finishing up for school.

Planning: This weekend I have a paper to knock out but Friday night is Diaspora and Saturday night there are some sweet UFC fights on Spike.  As usually lately, I will be over to see Pete and Kalista a whole lot, which is awesome.  Sunday will be brunch with Bret, might go try out Wildfire, as it has a gluten-free menu.

Wearing: Sweatpants and a t-shirt.  The t-shirt is one of two that makes me feel huge and muscle-y.

Writing:  I haven’t been tinkering with much this week, just other stuff going on but I hope to get back to the top three google docs on my list before too long.

8 thoughts on “Talked to Rich About Burning Wheel and then it was Friday

  1. Reading: Northwest of Earth. I’m a bit confused that three stories in Northwest Smith hasn’t really done any smuggling, or even much general skulduggery… but frankly “Han Solo vs. the Cthulhu Mythos” is about as awesome a high concept as it gets, and I think I’m hooked for the whole ride.

    Planning: Bills to pay and forms to submit.

    Wearing: Jeans, comfy sweater.

    Writing: Not a blessed thing, sad to say. Probably more than a few quasi-important emails for work before the day is done. Maybe another blog post here and there, since i’m on something of a roll this week.

    • I might have to pick that up. Paizo’s Planet Stories line is solid enough that I am really considering a subscription as a gift to myself for the holidays.

  2. I liked the Northwest Smith tales, especially “Shambleau” and “Black Thirst” (if I remember correctly).

    Reading: Finished House of the Stag, which was delightful. Working on the anthology Eclipse Two, and got through the one story I’d read before, Ted Chiang’s “Exhalation”, which is marvelous.

    Planning: The ever continuing job hunt. Meeting with a Court Advocate tomorrow at 1 pm about my mother’s guardianship. Putting the furniture back now that the superintendent’s contractor has dealt with the peeling plaster. Since he swept up as he went, bless the man, there’s minimal actual mess.

    Wearing: Pagan Publishing T-Shirt, white jeans, socks.

    Writing: My zine for Alarums & Excursions #412

    • I hear good things about Ted Chiang. Might have to check his short stories out. I keep hearing good stuff.

      Good luck with the court stuff. That sounds rough.

      Some day I will ask how to get a hold of A&A and after you tell me for the nth time, I’ll remember and get a hold of it.

      • A&E —

        Ted Chiang rocks. And the bitch of it is, one thing he withdrew from consideration for an award on account of it wasn’t perfect enough, he was right. I mean, it’s still really impressive and all.

        Eclipse 2 also has a terrific Peter Beagle story. But, his authorial voice is just going to resonate with me, as a secular Jew hearing her parents’ childhood in some of those stories. And, then. there’s his other stuff, which is also terrific. Very different from Chiang. I mean, both have the numinous, but Beagle is definitely doing fantasy, while Chiang is doing sf.

  3. Ooh. Northwest of Earth sounds cool. I’ll have to track that down.

    Reading: “Knight” by Gene Wolfe. I was so turned off by “Urth of the New Sun” that I haven’t picked up anything by Wolfe for years, but I’ll say this, when he puts his mind to it, the man can write. Good stuff so far.

    Planning: Taking it easy this weekend. Wine and dessert party in a couple hours at a friend’s place.

    Wearing: Jeans, orange corduroy button-down shirt, new glasses.

    Writing: Still plugging away at the fellowship app. Hoping to have a draft by Monday, but we’ll see.

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