The 3 Phases of the Generation Ship

I’ve got a concept for a game of Shock: Social Science Fiction that I can’t shake.

Shock: Generation Ship

In this three person game, one plays someone key in getting the generation ship, stocked, crewed and built while someone else plays a crew member who has to deal with issues on a ship at the midway point of its journey, where earth is a myth and the destination is a fading hope and the last where the protag is the ship captain who lands the ship and sends word back to earth.

I’d be neat to see those characters feeding off one another from different portions of their timelines.  The key, I’d think, is to set up the Story Goals so that no one’s ideas and minutae are invalidated by play.

If I decide to go to Dreamation, maybe I’ll get together with Rob and Joshua and get this thing played.

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