The Little Queen by J.R. Blackwell

Here’s the microfic.  It is short, check it out over at 365 Tomorrows.

There’s a Shock: session or Diaspora star system in that, I think.  The idea of playing a queen married to a planet who has gone feral apeals to me.

Microfic fascinates me.  It is kind of like an RPG campaign pitch but with just a touch of conclusion.

Maybe I wll submit.

One thought on “The Little Queen by J.R. Blackwell

  1. Submit! 365 Tomorrows has to put up a new piece of science fiction daily, so they love submissions over there.

    Flash fiction is lots of fun. I really enjoy writing complete stories in little packages. There is certantly an art to it – an art of starting the story at the last, possible microsecond that you can and then wrapping it up in a neat little bundle.

    I wanted to write a story where someone married a planet. The idea of a living planet is an old one, sure, but I wanted to play with the idea that someone might actually be able to fall in love with such a creature, and how that love might change them.

    Short fiction allows you to play with a lot of ideas like that – you can investigate them without committing to the length of a novel – then you can decide what you want to expand. For someone with a lot of ideas, this concept is lots of fun.

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