100 Years Later

First AP thread of ’10.
Storn mentioned the Thirteen Cities’s e-mail I had sent him and Pete voiced interest. Before I knew it, they were making up characters. Here’s the e-mai

I kinda miss the 13 Cities…

It has been a hundred years since the fall of the Yelteth Wall and the world has changed. The banner of the thirteen cities flies across the Eternal Road and in ports beyond the seas. The gods and goddesses of the thirteen cities, the religion and culture o fthe Sorcerer-Kings has spread across the world.

From the Black Unicorn Banners of Baal to the domed city of Jemur the XIII banner flies.

The Sorcerer King, King Tabat the God-Finder has gathered his people in the bustling metropolis that is the 14th City to make the most important announcement of his reign.

“I will become a god.”

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