Ring Dreams

I can’t quite sleep just yet and while I’d love to post up a blog post about tonight’s rockin’ game, I want to wait until I have Storn’s amazing drawing of the two player characters to post up.

So I will fantasize about the upcoming One Ring RPG by Cubicle 7. Dream with me:

The first thing we get is the Hobbit RPG. It is an adorable boxed set. You can’t help but pick it up and want to take it home and open it.

When you open it, a Dwarf knocks on your door and another and another until finally there are a passle of dwarves and Gandalf, russling you out the door into a grand adventure. No, dwarves and a wizard don’t actually come to your door but it is that damned easy once you open the box. The books are held together by a hobbit door folder and once you open the door, game on.

The events of the Hobbit RPG, lead directly into the One Ring RPG, laying the foundation for what is to come in a much more complicated game built on the same basic chassis about a much more complicated adventure.

The party can split up, go their separate ways, meet back up and the map of Middle Earth is on the table, not a board but a map as the cornerstone of the game. The map is cloth and is believed to be a relic from Middle-earth.

From the Unexpected Party to “Well, I’m back.” in two handsome boxed sets.

Don’t meh at me. Let me dream for a while, you heathens.

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