Superman/Batman: Public Enemies – World’s Finest Couple

Did anyone else notice the sexual tension between Batman and Superman in this movie? And by sexual tension, I mean way more than even there usually is. The closeted gay subtext is made even more startling obvious by the Tom of Finland-looking animation style based on the comic book’s art by Ed McGuinness.

Whenever Lois Lane is mentioned, Batman acts exactly like a petulant, jealous boyfriend. There is a scene when they are pressed up against one another, buried alive and they exchange these quips with cute little smirks and I was sure they were going to make out.

As a straight-up (heh, get that joke, there?) comic book movie it was fairly flat. If the movie was about their gay relationship, with Lex as the president who is out to ruin Superman after their failed relationship back in the Smallville Superboy days it would have kinda rocked. Instead it never acknowledged where the story’s real tension was situated and just didn’t really work as well as the other DC animated movies.  The movie ends with the first appearance of Lois Lane and Batman skulking away, exactly like a spurned lover.

As it is, we already have Apollo and Midnight, the World’s Finest couple, who are out to the world and that will have to be enough.

4 thoughts on “Superman/Batman: Public Enemies – World’s Finest Couple

  1. ha, yes I noticed it too. That is what made the movie. But, a side from that, they are just so unlikely of friends, partners in saving the world etc that it’s fun to watch them fight crime together. What is better then batman and superman in one comic or movie? 🙂 I think that it’s fun to see that tention that is always there when they met.

  2. I wish they would just make them lovers already. It’s like DC wants them to be together and its obvious their chemistry dominates Lois/Clark.

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