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Friday Night Science Fiction: This is our Friday night game of Diaspora and it is going well.

I want to get in some spaceship combat and some platoon combat and then I will give more detailed play review of the game as it worked for us at the table.  The cluster creation has made a setting that is dense with adventure-stuffs.  That said, another few sessions and we will have to talk about flipping it to Chapter 2 or think about moving on to a different game, declaring this mini-campaign complete.

I have been meaning to write up the going’s on from our last game, in which we used the social combat rules to hire a crew for our newly salvaged New Ovidian battleship.

13 Cities: This was a solo game with just me and Storn but when the Friday night game went kaput and it was just me, Storn and Pete at the table, Storn suggested we head back to our shared setting.  Pete is a wonderful addition to this game.  He get’s where we’re going with it and contributes wonderful and surprising tidbits.

At the end of this current chapter, the 13 Cities will end up being changed irrevocably.  Once we find out what happens to the setting, we will start a chapter from the point of view of the often mentioned but never met God-Killers, most likely an assassination team sent to the 13 Cities to kill them a deity.

MoBu City: This is the game that has suffered at the hands of me and Pete being busy and tired come evening time.  The game was just getting good, with Rifkin, Pete’s former convict gathering his posse of thieves to do a big heist, something that could rock the city and incite gods, sorcerers and demons.

We need to get back to this fucking game, man.  Dag.

That is about it.  Dominion, Formula De and Ticket to Ride are all waiting for some play.  I ran a session of Mouse Guard with some housemates but I’m not sure it had momentum necessary to pick up further play.

What is happening at your table?

15 thoughts on “@ the Table

  1. Last week was playtesting a new system-free setting I’m playing with called Deluge. Tonight is more of that I think. We should publish in the next few weeks, PDF-only, under a Creative Commons license.

  2. That thar is a fine list of games, Judd.

    Tonight we go back to our wild and crazy Empire of Dust game, which has transmogrified into an Apocalypse World game in the EoD setting. It is the hot hotness. My Dustwalker/Brainer is so fun to play. Last session, I told an angel (like, the kind with wings) to fuck off and die, then did drugs and had sex in the back of a van.

    Next Tuesday is probably the final session of our epic Rollergrrl Valkyries game (a Mouse Guard hack). We’re gonna try to kill Odin and re-make the world as it should have been after Ragnarok. So, you know, the usual.

    On Wednesdays, we’re playing Burning Boston — a BW game set a the Boston colony in 1675. I could say so much about that game… but in short: it is the perfect delivery vehicle for every awesome part of Burning Wheel. My character is trying so hard to do good, but I see some burning-at-the-stake in his future.

    • Damn, those are some mad mash-ups you have brewing, John. Jeez.

      Tri-corner hat BW works, huh?

      Sounds like some fun gaming.

  3. Those games sound awesome, especially the 13 cities.

    I’m currently salivating over our upcoming (first) Sorcerer game; part of our agenda is just to learn the system better, but I think we’re really hitting our groove as a group now. We’ve just done character creation. Everyone’s doing something different with their characters but it feels like we’re calling down a storm.

    The game’s set in WWII, in the city of Casablanca, and we’re doing a lot to make the strife there real in ways that were trivialized in the movie Casablanca. Just from character creation I see: PTSD, anti-Semitism, hurting people under your care, violence and wounds that can never heal. Those are basically the meat of the conflicts we’ve got on the player’s side, and then we’ll add all the stuff about trust and addiction that Sorcerer brings. We’re really hitting the heavy bag.

    • Thanks. The 13 Cities game is really awesome. We had to cancel this week and its a shame because I was rarin’ to go.

      Wow, that Sorcerer game sounds nifty. You have the one sheet of that up online, yes?

  4. Wednesday night we just finished up Dogs in the Vineyard, a game tragically beset by winter weather and holidays (not to mention a bit of plague). We got one ok and one really good session out of it, but called it so we could move on to Poison’d.

    I’m interested in seeing how our rapid-fire game changing schedule from the podcast is affecting how we play. It’s really forcing us to hone our pacing skills, but means we rarely get to experience a true comfort with any system.

    I want to start a Friday game to dive a little deeper into some of these games we’re only touching on. Burning Empires is, of course, my White Whale, with one aborted campaign haunting me. Gonna have to get back up on that horse pretty soon. (now it’s a whale and a horse, apparently)

    For now, though, Friday (or Saturday) is dedicated to “warm up” games. I run a game for some other friends not on the podcast, before I run it for the podcast. This Friday is Freemarket. I think I have an idea for an MRCZ, I’ll see if the players will go along with it. I’ll admit, I’m worried I have no idea what to *do* in FreeMarket, and I’m not sure if some of my players will, too. Definitely a good idea to test it out before recording, heh.

    Sunday we’ve got Burning Wheel, my first straight up experience with just vanilla Burning Wheel. I started with a hacked Burning Empires (no infection mechanics) Then Mouse Guard, then GMing Burning Empires. It’s been a trip, lemme tell ya. So now I get to set down and do Burning Wheel, and so far it’s been an absolute blast. I look forward to putting a few years into this system in all it’s forms. Might be the best gaming I’ll ever have!

      • We’ve dubbed it “Burning 1492, and all the plague-ridden blankets that implies”

        Our group is the first to journey out into the great sea to find new land. It’s very much a fantasy-inspired Conquest of the New World. I’m really enjoying playing my conquistador, he’s passionate and arrogant and downright vile… for now.

        There’s a couple interesting routes this character could take. He could be the new ruler of this land, or die trying, or find love/happiness here, or lose his Faith (which is due to become G6 at any moment!).

        He started as “I want to play a Paladin in a system that rewards being Paladin-y” but he’s since grown to be more of a exploration of European morality in the 15th century, a topic I very much enjoy.

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