Freezing Friday

Had to sprint after the bus this morning.  Driver drove away when I was seven steps from the bus door.  I was set to get pissed but kind of liked the exercise, having only been able to get to the gym one day a week due to knee twinges.  All in all, a four hundred meter sprint wasn’t a bad way to start the Friday.

Reading: I am juggling a bunch of shit right now.  The last few pages of re-reading Altered Carbon, The Man with the Getaway Face, The Player of Games and last night I picked up Osamu Tezuka’s Buddha with a 33% off coupon from Borders.

Planning: Shaving my head this weekend, other than that, not sure what is going on with the ladyfriend over the next coupla days.

Wearing: My good ole cotton union suit under some black Dickies slacks and a flannel shirt.

Writing: Trying to get some chapters together for a co-worker whom I have agreed to do a chapter swap with.

And you?

12 thoughts on “Freezing Friday

  1. Reading: “Wizard” by Gene Wolfe. I can’t decide why I don’t hate this book, but it does keep me turning the pages. I think “Dunsanian” is the right adjective. I’m going to need to mull this one over once I finish.

    Planning: Seeing Jorma Kaukonen and David Bromberg in concert tonight, which should be terrific.

    Wearing: Flannel shirt and fleece-lined pants. It’s really damn cold here.

    Writing: The final draft of a post-doc fellowship application, due on Monday.

    How are you feeling about the Parker novels? It’s been a while since I read the first few in the series.

    • I picked up Wizard and could not get into it at all. Let me know what you think of it.

      The Parker novels are kinda rough. The main character is such an asshole that it is hard to read him sometimes.

      Good luck on that final draft.

      • I’m honestly not sure why I liked the Wizard Knight duology, but I did, and I reread enough of it to know it should beat Strange & Norrell for the Mythopoeic that year. (It didn’t — S&N won, but my vote was for WKn. Mind, I really enjoyed S&N, just thought the other was better.)

        I also need to reread An Evil Guest.

  2. Nice. Running after a bus sends me back to my secondary school years, racing it up a hill from one stop to the next, happy memories.
    Reading: home extension guides as we’ve had planning for ours approved by the local council 🙂
    Planning: putting up my garden shed…
    Wearing: work shirt & trousers
    Writing: stuff for a play by wave BW game wherein my character, Milady, begins her planning to leave her life as a widow’d Dame & head off for adventure to find & seduce the Dread Pirate Vasquez…

    • Your BW game sounds fantastic.

      Yeah, running after the bus was nice. My knee is feeling it. Time for another doctor’s appointment.

      • Cheers! The BW game is quite cool though playing by Wave makes for a slow burn style game unless you happen to all be online at the same time.

        Still very early days though as I’ve only just set her first scene. In true BW style our 4 PC’s have their own stories going on which we hope will intertwine in a web of juicy conflicts 🙂

        Here’s the link to the main ‘portal’ Wave of the game “Freehaven Tales”:

  3. Reading: Bertrand Russel on my Kindle is my commute read. 100 Bullets in bed.

    Planning: Haircut, review copies of Diaspora to ENnie judges, release Deluge into the wild.

    Wearing: Daytons, black jeans, a grey T-shirt and a black leather hat. Hat’s actually off because I’m indoors right now.

    Writing: Tightening up Deluge.

    Drawing: Illos for Deluge. Just need a couple more!

      • I’m on my fourth run through the whole set. I keep needing to re-read to “get” what’s going on in the last half because there is so much unsaid, but I also find every frame and mini-story delicious even out of context.

        I also dig finding South Americanisms in the art where the artist has missed a USA detail. 😀 Like commas in decimal places on hot dog stands.

  4. Reading: I’m skimming Chronica Feudalis and some old Dungeon mags, looking for inspiration for my upcoming Savage Worlds game.

    Planning: Gonna try to do another Game Advocates interview and some podcast editing as well as game prep this weekend. Also need to finish watching Damn Yankees (the musical from ’58) and getting more songs on my cheap new lil Mp3 player.

    Wearing: clean t-shirt and boxer briefs (almost bed-time)

    Writing: Working on my 7th bitstrip, this one turns the humor towards WoW instead of the other way round.

  5. Reading:Dancers in the Dusk for Changeling.

    Planning: Got back from filking convention where I got to be in an instaband. Missing that. But, planning to deal with packing up some of the contents of my parents’ house and looking into storage units until legalities get sorted out. Also need to look into fridge in hotel rooms for Lunacon and Dreamation.

    Wearing: Legend of the Five Rings t-shirt, silk thermals, blue jeans, high lace up sneaker-boots.

    Writing: Various pbem stuff, lists for dealing with parents’ place.

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