Ascension and God-Killers

BW Thread

Probably the most interesting moment of the evening was the Duel of Wits with the captured god-killer. The god-killers are the mysterious terrorists of the setting, often mentioned or alluded to but never really discussed or delved into. After our last game session, we sat around and brainstormed ideas about them.

They are a democratic society that was once ruled by god-king despots who were overthrown from their step pyramid thrones. Now their civilization slays gods and topples monarchies, taking in cultures into their empire. It was nice to have an NPC to comment on the players adherence to the feudal government.

The Duel of Wits was a close one (with me and Storn scripting the exact same moves from two full exchanges). He was left with doubts (new Belief!) about the Empire of the 13 Cities and she let slip that not all of her god-killing cell were caught in the raid.

Good stuff.

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