Shaven-headed Friday

Reading: Reading Before they are Hanged by Joe Abercrombie.  I need to brush up on the first book.  Other than its bombastic action sequences, I don’t recall too much.

Planning: Maybe some gaming this weekend and writing for some chapter exchanges I have set up.

Wearing: Red long sleeved thermal underwearish shirt and jeans.

Writing: Brushing up on a YA story that I’d like to get behind and finish.

And you?

7 thoughts on “Shaven-headed Friday

  1. Reading: Rubicon: The Last Years of the Roman Republic a non-fiction book about…the last years of the Roman Republic. The author has a really engaging style that makes is possible for me to engage with the history. Good stuff.
    Planning: Making tofu, early preparations for my trip to Europe, movie night with my wife Saturday, Gothic/Echo on Sunday night.
    Wearing: Same as always
    Creating: Daily pen sketches in my notebook, but I need to do some more focused and demanding stuff – might be time to break out the ink or watercolors.

  2. Reading: Cicero and Byron’s AP notes from last night’s game.
    Planning: Diaspora’s corrected version update and a correction of the cover art for the softcover version.
    Wearing: Daytons, black denims trousers, and my red twenty-sided-die t-shirt.
    Writing: Security requirements for remote access equipment attached to a safety-critical network.

  3. Reading: Feeling Good by Robert Burns
    Planning: Trying to figure out how to sign up for Dreamation slots, trying to make sure I get into the right ones.
    Wearing: Jeans and a polo shirt
    Writing: A creativity map… islands full of stuff I feel strongly about plus stuff I’ve written in the past.

  4. Reading: Uncompelled to finish The Crow Road or Hard Boiled Wonderland, I’m debating whether to start a juicier fiction piece — Pasquale’s Angel sounds good or hack away at all the unread stuff in my gaming library.

    Planning: Bread baking lesson tomorrow and then helping a friend work with WordPress on Sunday.

    Wearing: Red sweater, dark green trousers.

    Writing: I hope to get a plot seed that’s been percolating for a while finally bashed out by the end of Sunday.

  5. Reading: “American Pulp”, a collection of old crime fiction stories. Pretty good stuff.

    Planning: Pseudo first order kinetics. And cleaning the basement.

    Wearing: My old blue hooded sweatshirt.

    Writing: Not much, although I poke at the manuscript for the paper I’m working on every now and then. Need to get the kinetics done.

  6. Reading: Still Dancers in the Dusk, but that’s kind of on hold for some stuff I all but begged to edit / proofread. I’m about 2/3 done with my first pass, and will then type in the corrections. And Josh has some graphic novels I need to read.

    Planning: Dim sum and more packing up stuff at parents’ house.

    Wearing: Dune T-shirt, from CCG era, blue jeans, UGS boots which are way comfy, and heavy duty thermals.

    Writing: This, email, editorial comments.

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