13 Cities Timeline

From the BW Forum post:

Also Buzzed

The history that we have down in a google document and in notes, scribbled in notebooks and on character sheets hither and yon is suddenly very important. We are fleshing out the sons and daughters the Sorcerer-King has sired in the past centuries.

Things have, through play, gotten really complicated.

We ended up needing a timeline to keep it all sorted out and here it is, with some blurby bits thrown in for fun:

Year 0

  • The Druid Lords surrender in order to save the Elder Ring and the Lord Under the Hills, the only two surviving deities in their ancient pantheon.
  • Sorcerer-King’s Empire is born
  • Dragon ascends as a demi-god, Yshan burns as a sacrifice.
  • The Dragon burns Baal, stopping short of the Elder Ring once the Druid Lords surrender.

“Stopping the flames in Baal was my greatest mistake. That tree has roots underneath all of the 13 Cities and make no mistake, it wants our entire pantheon dead.”
– The Dragon, speaking before the first Sorcerer-King at his coronation.

1001 S.K.

  • God-kings are killed in series of revolutionary uprisings and the federation known as Occulus is born but not yet mature.

“Let all faith be in humanity.”
– Occulan motto

1008 S.K.

  • Occulus shakes off the yoke of the demi-gods, demons and spirits who seek to rule it and found a human run democracy.

“Feudalism with godlings commanding human vassals would have taken thousands of years to dismantle. Send the children of the god-kings to their parents, to wherever it is deities go when they die.”
– From Founding of a Republic by General Alexandros

1234 S.K.

  • The Sorcerer-Queen, Shoshana is murdered by Occulan god-killers after she ascends into goddesshood.

“She ascended so far and now her bones are among the stars.”
– Inscribed on the Memorial to the Sorcerer-Queen

1357 S.K.

  • Tabat the IV – the God-Finder is born

“He never meant to be king but his elder siblings were killed by the khan’s own knives.”
– Rise of the Fourth Tabat

1396 S.K.

  • Tabat IV summons the 13th God

“My kingdom is complete once more. The pantheon is the heart of the 13 cities.”
– Sorcerer King Tabat IV’s invocation to the Summoner’s Council

1470 S.K.

  • Wars against the Pirate Cultists in the Banished Isles

“Historical texts state that Prince Shahin was forbidden by the Sorcerer-King’s own decree from fighting against the pirate cultists but folk tales up and down the west coast tell of a mighty battle in which many of the Sorcerer-Kings sons and daughters fought alongside the Horselord Prince against the cultists as the ships burned.”
– The Sorcerer-King’s Hostage Guests

1482 S.K.

  • Prince Shahin is killed and the Yelteth Wall is broken.

“Never has so much history been turned on the flashing of two blades. Duelists who witnessed the fight said that it was the cruel khan’s armor that saved him. As the war began, Tabat had his own armorer garrotted and his property given to Shahin’s widowed bride.”
– The Yelteth Wall and the Empire

1483 S.K.

  • Steppe Invasion is quelled

“No one will ever know how close Kuryn Kor came to declaring himself the Druid-King and attempting to usurp the Sorcerer-King’s centuries long rule over his people. After his part in the defending of Baal and the Lake Country from the steppe nomads, his power was immense. In the end, he chose a more quiet life.”
– The Druid-Lord of Baal

1493 S.K.

  • Ossad is re-settled

“Ossad has everything in the world that there is worth loving and many things well worth hating. It is a city built on a pit and in that pit is a beast. When that beast slouches free, the world will end. These are people who know how to enjoy life.”
– Bishop Jayden’s journals from his days as a wandering priest in the steppes

1502 S.K.

  • The 13 Cities’ invasion force lands in Occulus, taking the newly christened Tabatton, an important southern port, and holding it as an occupying force.

“Because I remember Shoshana and my pantheon grows restless.”
– Conversations with a Sorcerer-King

1522 S.K.

  • Jayden is Bishop of Ni-Jael’s Holy University

“Bishop? I guess my days of wandering the steppes are over. Hell and blood, I never liked this city.”
– From Father Jayden’s journals

1582 S.K.

  • Tabat announces intention to ascend into godhood

“I will become a god and you will each help me ascend in your own way.”
– The Sorcerer-King Tabat IV’s address to his children.

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