Friday Waiting

Reading: When Peoples of Middle-earth came in the mail I had to pick it up and read through The New Shadow.  I will post about that in its own post, once I have digested it a bit.  Before They are Hanged is still in my bag but I haven’t been reading these past few days.

Planning: Seeing my ladyfriend this weekend, gaming tonight and later this afternoon, a visit to the ole knee doctor to see what the MRI could see.

Wearing: Thermal underwear is a must today, some jeans and a long sleeved shirt.

Writing: A critique of a friend’s chapter and a chapter of my own for next week.

And you?

6 thoughts on “Friday Waiting

  1. Reading: Just polished off Mortal Coil for the 3rd time, Finishing the Elric Saga (Vanishing Tower) and trying to get into The Checklist Manifesto

    Planning: On playing in my eldest son’s Eberron game tonight (have to finish creating my homonculus). Going to see my youngest play basketball, The Lightning Thief and hopping to get my Back to Basics D&D campaign going again this weekend.

    Wearing: Jeans and long sleeve crew. First day without my snow shoes (dress down at work).

    Writing: Lots of blog comments here and elsewhere, toying with my Lightning Thief hack of Ghost\Echo, and trying to give structure to my new old school sandbox setting Icosa.

  2. Reading: Marcuse’s “One Dimensional Man” and almost done the comic series, “100 Bullets”. Cicero is on hold.

    Planning: Get the new game (“Fast and Dangerous”?) out of the skunkworks and into a real text, then think about making it a product. Oh crap, I still have six pages of errata to put into “Diaspora”. Okay, first we get that out the door.

    Wearing: Daytons, black jeans, khaki t-shirt, black leather hat.

    Writing: Use cases for a diagnostics system.

  3. Reading: I just finished Leguin’s The Other Wind, and now I’m starting on To Say Nothing of the Dog by Connie Willis.

    Planning: Two punk shows, a band interview, and a baby shower over the next two days.

    Wearing: Black “Nothing Nice To Say” t-shirt, green cargo pants, Burning Wheel hoodie.

    Creating: Finishing up episode 008 of the Seattle Punk Audio Zine, plus the aforementioned interview.

  4. Reading: Paging through Sorcerer & Sword

    Planning: Dreamation itinerary, hope I get into everything I signed up for (Misspent Youth, Burning Wheel, Agon, and a bazillion other things).

    Wearing: Black work shirt with nice subtle diamond pattern of tiny light blue dots, and khaki pants.

    Creating: Rolling around ideas for hacking In A Wicked Age to require the production of artifacts that allow people to join ongoing multi-session games and be able to understand the aesthetic the existing players have established. (VERY HARD).

  5. Reading: Star Wars RPG

    Planning: Contact list for HR people I’ve sent my resume to in the last week, my star wars character, gaming tonight.

    Wearing: White Tee, Blue Jeans, and Killer Bunny Slippers.

    Creating: New short story, villains for BW, and a plan.

  6. Reading: Ugh. That’d be Alarums and Excursions #413. Need to get my zine in before I head to Dreamation tomorrow.

    Planning: Dreamation, job hunting, figuring out how to duplicate last weekend’s efforts two more times by the end of March. Visiting my mother in the nursing home today.

    Wearing: Foam Brain Productions T-shirt, white jeans.

    Writing: My zine.

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