Mordheim + D&D 4e + Sigil + Gangs of New York = A Fun Idea

Gamefiend started it over twitter.  And it went on and on and on and on for a few tweets (and more if you care to track them down).

I thought it was worth a blog post.

Adventuring party as a gang, embroiled in a turf war for their neighborhood in Sigil, different gangs in charge of different doors, welcoming (shaking down, keeping the locals safe from or just flat out sending back home) anything that comes through and getting a cut from anyone who wants to venture through for economic ventures through the planes.  Controlling doors allows the party to have access to different parts of the planes and through their adventures on the other side of those doors, they can change reality.  Back at home, its turf wars, shakedowns and hits against rivals.

Levels 1-10 are about securing their territory and rep in Sigil and the doors they control.

Levels 11-20 are about delegating responsibilities and going through doors in order to profit from their use.

Levels 21-30 are about the players creating factions in their own image and sitting down at the table with the Lady of Pain as colleagues.

That sounds like fun.

3 thoughts on “Mordheim + D&D 4e + Sigil + Gangs of New York = A Fun Idea

  1. I freaking love this idea… My favorite aspect would be having the group sit down and figure out their philosophical agenda as a gang and as individual characters.

    While it doesn’t necessarily lend itself well to hack-n-slash D&D, it’d be fun to turn the screws on the gang and see how far you can push that philosophy.

  2. Thanks for the idea love! I’m working out the framework for the rules right now. I’d love to see it very player-centric, which means it requires good and diverse rewards. The gang creation rules are the fun part. I’ll ping you when I’ve got something.

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