Late but its still Friday

Reading: Looking over books on the Solar System, re-reading Sorcerer, S&Soul, S&Sword and Sex and Sorcerer in prep for an upcoming Sorcerer 2289 game with Bret and Christine.  I have been carrying Before They are Hanged with me but I haven’t touched it this week.

Planning: This weekend, I am going to take it nice and easy.  Need to recover from this week’s healing knee, late work nights and two twelve hour days.

Wearing: Slacks and a sweater.

Writing: Re-writing my text for Sorcerer 2289 this week, finishing up an outline of the Solar System itself and looking over rules tweaks with a red pen in my hand.

And you?

5 thoughts on “Late but its still Friday

  1. Reading: “Unseen Academicals”, Terry Pratchett’s latest. He’s still got it. Also working my way though “The Cheese Chronicles” by Liz Thorpe, which is a surprisingly engrossing book about cheese.

    Planning: Pie.

    Wearing: Jeans and a $5 t-shirt.

    Writing: A paper to send to PNAS. They’ll probably reject it, but it’s worth a shot, right?

      • Apple pie!

        As far as the paper goes, I discovered a new pathway for salvaging vitamin B12 precursors in Gram positive bacteria. I’m pretty excited about it, but I’m not sure it’s broad enough interest for PNAS. We’ll see. Molecular Microbiology’ll take it, for sure.

        Sorry you asked? 😉

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