The Friday that found the sun.

I could handle Ithaca winters standing on my head, hip deep in snow until the end of April as long as we got a few days a week that were crisp and sunny.

Reading: Reading some books about the solar system in order to prep for the upcoming Sorcerer 2289 game and will also grab something on post-Napoleon France for the Burning Wheel game.  Nothing helps a fantasy world like a sprinkling of history.

Planning: Maybe some Alice in Wonderland tonight and visiting the lady-friend this weekend.

Wearing: Jeans and a button-down with my gray hoodie.

Writing: I have been editing and re-writing the Sorcerer 2289 text for play and writing here and there about the republic of Occulum.

And you?

11 thoughts on “The Friday that found the sun.

  1. Reading: Everyone In Silico by Jim Munroe

    Planning: Alice In Wonderland tonight, the Rat City Rollergirls on Saturday, Exalted on Sunday.

    Wearing: Grave Danger/Rat City Rollergirls t-shirt, navy cargo pants

    Creating: Cutting together episodes 10 & 11 of the Seattle Punk Audio Zine.

    • I found Alice to be pretty mediocre, all in all but the trailer for the new Tron movie looks sexy as hell.

      What did you think?

      Roller derby teams have the best t-shirts.

      • Yeah, it was a generic Young Adult Fantasy 101 plot using the Wonderland/Looking-Glass characters. It was pretty and decently-acted, but that’s about it.

        And, yes, the 3D Tron trailer was fantastic.

  2. I hear you on fantasy. Every fantasy city I think up always starts with a non-fictional one.

    R: Just finished up the new D&D Underdark supplement. Highly recommended.

    P: Never anything concrete. Birthday party for one of my girl’s good friends.

    W: Brown t-shirt, B&W plaid overshirt, gray slacks.

    C: Just doodling. Some Underdark stuff. Some of my own stuff. I need to find a USB flat bed scanner!

  3. R: “Invisible Country” by Paul McAuley, some pretty good short stories by one of the few hard sf writers with a solid handle on biology.

    P: Single-malt Scotch tasting at the wine / liquor store up the street. Oh, yeah.

    W: Hawaiian shirt! The sun came out, and it’s above freezing – sounds like spring to me.

    C: Not much aside from work. Hmm. Should do something about that.

  4. Reading: almost done One Dimensional Man by Herbert Marcuse. Also Holding Juno by Zuehlke.

    Planning: too tired to plan.

    Wearing: black Daytons, black jeans, blue plaid short-sleeved button down.

    Creating: equipment coverage tables for new R&D functions. Then Hollowpoint.

  5. reading: SF Weekly article about girls trying to pick up men in a city with no good single men (Bullshit, I says.)

    planning: going to my friend’s birthday party, bringing Danger Patrol! and hoping to run it.

    wearing: my animal collective shirt, beat-up green ballcap, and work pants.

    creating: noodling around with rules for a “House” board game that probably won’t go anywhere.

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