The Looking Glass, the Cyclone, the Wardrobe and the Second Star to the Right

You came back from that other world no longer a child, changed, not a grown-up but certainly changed and no longer innocent. No one believed you. When you returned from your epic journey, people at best treated your life-changing adventure like a flight of fancy and at worse like a mental illness.

Fuck that – you never forgot.

Once you get to one otherworld, it isn’t too hard to gain access to others.  Your childhood was wondrous strange, curiouser and curiouser.

Now you are a cynical adult, taking control of the world around you with the only currency you have, bits of the otherworld that you bring here.

This is a Sorcerer setting in which Sorcerers are adults who went to otherworlds as children and returned; demons are parts of those other worlds summoned to the world.

Humanity is sanity and when you go to 0 Humanity, the otherworld and our world become horrendously blended together.

There are 54 demons, just like a deck of cards, two jokers, the rest divided into four suits: Emeralds, Swords, Hooks and Hearts.



Legendary: mythical warriors taught you about violence and strength.

Walking: a hardy constitution from walking across plains or yellow brick roads.

Addicted: something from the otherworld has left you craving more.

McBody: the real world has taken its toll.


And your little dog too: you hold grudges and take it all too far, having learned lessons from the wrong side of the storybook.

Faith: brought back religion to guide you.

Curiouser: a little madness can be a good thing.

And Curiouser: too much madness is not a good thing at all.


The Looking Glass: Madness, drugs or maybe some adult’s inappropriate attention.

Wardrobe: Have you heard the good news? The Lion has risen!

Cyclone: Your sorcery is usually accompanied by natural disasters.

Second Star: Once a proud lost boy…now a… pirate?

Bitter: You never went anywhere, didn’t have the courage but your friend/brother/sister did and you heard about it all from them.

Inspired by seeing Alice in Wonderland tonight.  There might be some of that shitty movie, Hook in there too.  The other inspirations should be pretty obvious.

What if the children who went to otherworlds grew up cynical enough to become characters from The Last Call by Tim Powers?

Thank you to Ben for referring me to:

Also a Forge thread.

8 thoughts on “The Looking Glass, the Cyclone, the Wardrobe and the Second Star to the Right

  1. Hrm. The problem with the lore descriptors is that they limit your childhood fantasy sources to a very small set. I’m not sure how to handle this, though: maybe it’s not a problem. But I’d be sad to not be able to play someone from Nesbit or Eager.

  2. I’m under the preconception that “Humanity is sanity” is pretty weak-ass, but I could be convinced that it’s not. So if you want to write about that sometime, I want to read it.

  3. Followed the pointer here. Reading it now, I’m thinking, “Wow! That’s Catherynne Valente’s The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making!” (And I highly recommend it.) Oh yes, also see Alan Garner’s Elidor.

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