What is happening at your table?

Kevin, from Walking Eye podcast has asked me to be on his show.  We thought we’d talk about cool games and game hacks being written about in AP threads and such.  I figured I’d update the games going on at my table and ask you all what was happening at your own.

13 Cities: This game continues, now with Pete added to the mix.  We are taking the next campaign to the neighboring land of Occulum; the whole thing should have quite a different flavor than the past arcs set in and around the 13 Cities themselves and I think we are all hungry for combat and blood, so Fight! and Range & Cover should be in heavy rotation.

MoBu City: Pete and I are hitting this game about once a month or more as our schedules allow.  When we sit down to play, it is as if we never left.  In the coming games, we will get on our first legit heist and finish up the last heist by constructing a lie that will have to be sold to a demi-goddess.  I love this shit.  It is New Crobuzon meets the Gentlemen Bastards in a Burning Wheel pastiche.

Friday Night: We are going to play some Danger Patrol with Pete at the helm, while we sort out what to play next.  Storn is really hot and heavy for some swords & sorcery that is less humancentric than our 13 Cities game, so we are looking at Jaws of the Six Serpents.  At some point I will have to write up a debrief post-game post on Diaspora.

For Danger Patrol, I get to play, Jack Geist, the spy who haunts the solar system:

Special Agent Jack Geist traveled the solar system in service to the most noble governments of Old Earth.  He was investigating a Stygian conspiracy when the atomics were dropped back home.  When he heard the news, he lost all hope and in the reckless, grief-driven days that followed, the Stygian Overlord he had been tracking down got the better of him and he was killed.

His remains were spready all over the ten planets and when he gathers them all together, he will rest and join his family and friends who died in the last Earth war.  Until then, he haunts the solar system, smoking Lucky Ghost cigarettes and serving the Danger Patrol.

Sorcerer 2289: Me, Bret and Christine are getting together and playing Sorcerer, taking my science fiction solar system out for a spin.  The game is set on Mars with Bret’s outlaw medical researcher and Christine’s R&D exec wrestling with xeno-techological demons.  The kickers look really promising.

And you, what is going on at your table?

8 thoughts on “What is happening at your table?

  1. Sorcerer: Four games in, and the game is … just wow. I had no idea playing a post-traumatic stress disorder, control freak firefighter who’s insecure about his wife’s conversion to Catholicism could be so damn fun.

    Also, I have a malpractising spouse-abusing doctor buddy. Well, we were buddies, until I stomped on his crippled leg to violate trust and thereby have extra dice for the Binding ritual…

    Gah. So good.

  2. In the Thursday night Apocalypse World game, I just retired my Hardholder (he was sick of people undercutting him and not being grateful for what he had to offer, so he fucked off with his gang (aka the police) to become a biker gang leader) and started playing my new character, a Battlebabe named Yes.

    Yes accesses the psychic maelstrom by pulling in a self from an alternate reality that has experienced the things she wants to know. When she pulls in that alternate self, she stays as that self until she goes looking again. Failures will be interesting.

    Starting in April, on Monday nights, I’m going to playing an ongoing shock: human contact game with Joshua A.C. Newman and Vincent Baker. I’m excited about that.

  3. Had our second Apocalypse World session last night. The guys ransacked a house, accidentally running into a group of wanderers who fought back. They killed some folk, took some hits, and captured one of the girls to sell for gas at the next town. I have a feeling that girls gonna come back to haunt them. Brutal and excellent.


  4. Played a one shot of Lacuna. The Mystery Agents ran into a Virus, something that infected and controlled dreamers in Blue City and threw them at the agents until they used all their Lacuna devices, then told them to leave Blue City because they were a bunch of murderers.

  5. Jack Geist – great name and awesome character concept.

    Burning Song Stones continues tonight after a month or so hiatus. The Elven Princess is slowly corrupting herself with the magical femur of an ancient sorcerer whose magic pre-dates elven songs (Art Magic) in an effort to gain enough power to take on her Aunt, a Dark Elf with a big army hell bent on wiping out humanity.

    Second attempt at a Burning Wheel by Wave game. Still fleshing out the details. We have 2 protagonists – a young Speaker of Names thrust into the role by the assassination of the previous Speaker, his father; and a fresh recruit of the assassins gulid, Ash Wednesday, sent under cover as bodyguard to the Speaker as they both travel to see the Lord of the Valley.

    Occasional board games of Agricola & Pandemic with my dear old mum. After all these years of board gaming droughts it turns out I’ve had a Euro board game fan right under my nose! I’ve even threatened to take her to a Con one day 🙂

  6. Ran a one-shot of Sorcerer a few weeks ago set in the Escape from New York movie setting (http://asshatpaladins.blogspot.com/search/label/Sorcerer). Still trying to get my arms around the system. There may be a 2nd session, still a possibility.

    Been playing in a Serenity RPG game, 2nd session was last weekend.

    Ran a two-shot game of Duty and Honour earlier this year (http://asshatpaladins.blogspot.com/search/label/Duty%20and%20Honour) that went pretty good.

    Played in a couple one-shot Savage Worlds games: future zombie game (didn’t die but came close) and StarDrive setting game.

    Still keeping busy!

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