Spring Friday?

Reading: Just finished The Jewel in the Skull and know why I liked those first three books of Hawkmoon so much.  I recall the second three baffled me.  I hope they reprint all of them together in a big ole omnibus with Vance Kovaks’ glorious pencils every few dozen pages.  I love that blend of sword & sorcery and pencil-art.

Now I am going to read over 2010’s Caldecott and Newbery award winners for school and peck at a book on pirates in the American Revolutionary War.

Planning: Gaming on Friday, a party on Saturday and some more gaming on Sunday night.  Might head over to the playground near my house and play around with my new rings.

Wearing: Black Dickies and a short sleeved button-down.

Writing: Ah, this and that.

And you?

5 thoughts on “Spring Friday?

  1. The last three Hawkmoon books are less about Hawkmoon and more about tying up the Saga of the Eternal Champion. I almost think of it as a standalone “capstone” trilogy or something. Good, but much more metaphysical. I do remember scratching my head a lot when I read them back in High School. Then I tried reading Jerry Cornelius and my head exploded.

    Reading: Just finished Nothing to Envy: Ordinary Lives in North Korea, which is an excellent overview of living conditions in one of the most bizarre, isolated, and oppressive countries on Earth. I had to keep stopping to remind myself that these were real situations and people I was reading about, and not some work of dystopian fiction. Strong stuff.

    Now (for a complete change of tone) reading A Corner in the Marais, a travelogue about life in the Marais district in Paris. I’m going to Europe in August for the first time, and I’m hoping that educating myself about the history, architecture, and customs of the places I’m going will make my time even more rewarding.

    Planning: Minor repairs around the house, planning a garden in the backyard. 4th session of Diaspora on Sunday. We’ve escaped from the bizarre “Village”-like prison planet and I think we’re going to cut ahead in time to some new situation. Looking forward to it!

    Wearing: Office clothes, just like every Friday.

    Drawing:Went to figure drawing on Wednesday for the first time in a long time. I am seriously out of practice. Mostly doing little sketches in my pocket book right now. Time to work larger again, I think.

  2. Reading: “Holding Juno” and the subsystem requirement spec. for an R&D project.
    Planning: Fixes to “Hollowpoint” based on last night’s playtest with angels.
    Wearing: Black short sleeved button-down with naked women on the enameled brass buttons. Black jeans, Daytons.
    Writing: AP from last night.

  3. Reading: Just cracked open “Steampunk”, an anthology edited by Jeff and Ann Vandermeer. I’ve been on a real short story kick lately.

    Planning: Dinner with friends tomorrow, a lot of troubleshooting the robot between now and then.

    Wearing: Jeans and a nice shirt which may or may not be green.

    Writing: “Future Directions for Future Students.” I just realized I defend my thesis in less than 2 months, so it’s time to stop doing all but the essential experiments; side-projects be damned.

  4. Reading: 10 best-ever anxiety management techniques. Includes a very nice discussion of how the different neurotransmitters interact with particular areas of the brain.

    Planning: My triumphant return to work after a very rough medical leave.

    Wearing: Jeans and a polo shirt

    Creating: My computer died, so I get to make a new computer! Configuring a new computer is 1000x better than ice cream.

  5. Reading: Bopping between China Mieville’s The City and the City, Robin Laws’ Armitage Files, which is brilliant, like a training wheels course for GMs wanting to run CoC / ToC, and a small CoC book I’m not going to check the title of now.

    Planning: Dealing with post-convention stuff, and prepping for the panels I’ll be on at Lunacon. Con report for Intercon J, where we got in good panels and good larping. Briefly:

    Story Wars fun, though the blend of comic and straight isn’t always my cup of tea. The contests really must go or get streamlined, and this is the second run the GMs have been told so (one GM agrees; another has not yet come around to killing his darling)

    Camelot Court of Love, both true to source material and oddly realistic (So…. you two knights issued a challenge about X, and then… got distracted and fought about Y??)

    The Sound of Drums. Awesome. Just Awesome. Two hours of investing selves into characters, building up to one awesome moment firing off another and another and repeat. And drums!

    Slash. I came out of that needing mental bleach. Lots of mental bleach. This was not surprising.

    Hunt for the Lost McGuffin: We ran this one. Needs either a second hour or serious streamlining, but players seemed to enjoy themselves.

    Wearing: T-shirt. Am about to crash for the night.

    Creating: Well, I just helped create the one hour larp we wrote, plus the player side of the characters for four larps. Got lots of praise for my play in Drums, but it really, really was an ensemble piece. Okay, you know how you get a huge kick when it all comes together in a tabletop RPG and everyone’s doing their part to be awesome and help everyone else be awesome, and it works like the best music you’ve ever heard? And you’re a part of it and also soaking it up? Now, imagine this live, with 20 other people. That’s why we do it — why we play larps, why we near kill ourselves writing them.

    So, I want to ride the high enough to get a bit more done on Dark of the Moon, and to make sure the rewrite on Ghost Fu happens (though I’m not primary creator there), to test a new larp tool, and to see if I can get Stephen starting on one of the several ideas in his queue. Maybe two.

    And, we’ve got actual ideas for panels we want to set up for next year as well.

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